Moving on up with Wayne Newton

When Wayne Newton first moved to Las Vegas to perform at the Fremont hotel in 1959, he lived with his brother in an old motel called the Monte Carlo. The motel has long since been torn down — “It should have been torn down before we got there,” laughs Newton, while relaxing in his dressing room at the Tropicana before his show “Once Before I Go.”

Interestingly enough, the Monte Carlo Motel was actually located on the land that is now home to CityCenter, the unprecedented 67-acre urban development opening next month on the Las Vegas Strip.

Following the Monte Carlo, Newton and his brother rented a small apartment. But the duo was evicted from the property after only six months. Turns out that the future Mr. Las Vegas was providing room and board for an unapproved houseguest. “The landlady found out I had a pet skunk, so we got kicked out,” says Newton. “My parents came up from Phoenix after that to give me a talking to.”

Newton has since moved on from skunks to championship Arabian horses. He keeps several on his 52-acre property on the southeast side of Las Vegas, Casa de Shenendoah. Fifty-two acres! That’s almost as expansive as CityCenter.

Sorry Miss Landlady, but it looks like Newton got the last laugh.

Wayne Newton in 1963

Wayne Newton in 1963

All photos courtesy the Las Vegas News Bureau