Menopause gets even hotter

mainMenopause the Musical” at Luxor is getting a facelift with the temporary addition of multitalented entertainer Susan Anton. Guest starring as the role of “The Soap Star,” Anton is performing in the show through Jan. 13.

Best known for  her starring role in the 1979 film “Goldengirl” and for her 1980 Billboard Top 100 hit single, “Killin’ Time,” Anton is no stranger to the Las Vegas Strip. As a budding entertainer Anton was recognized for her good looks and got her first big break when she inherited the title of Muriel Cigar Girl from international superstar Edie Adams. She appeared in numerous commercials as the Muriel Girl before landing a role in a production called “Turn it On” at the old Hacienda in Vegas during the ’70s. From there Anton went on to perform at various venues on the Strip including her role as host of the “Great Radio City Music Hall Spectacular” at the Flamingo where she performed more than 5,000 shows before the curtain came down in 2000.

Anton is also known for her recurring role on “Baywatch” from 1992 to 1994 and has appeared in various other television shows including “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” and most recently “Law & Order: SVU,” which aired in March 2010.

Her involvement with “Menopause the Musical” came through the show’s stage manager Phil Randall who also worked on the “Great Radio City Music Hall Spectacular.” Randall thought she would be a good fit for the show and invited Anton and her husband to see it. 

“It’s a wonderful cross section of women all at this time in their life where they think they’re going a little bit crazy. They’re not sure who they are anymore in their journey as a woman because they’re going through menopause, and they do this with this wonderful celebration and humor and sisterhood. I just thought it would be so great to be a part of that as an actor, but also as a woman and a fellow traveler with all the other women that I’m sharing this journey with,” said Anton.

She was also draw to the show’s intimate venue.

“So it’s really fun to be a part of a show that is smaller in a great little cozy room, which I think it’s a bit of a throwback to the days when rooms were like 350 and 400 seats. Vegas itself has just changed so very much,” said Anton.

A veteran performer in Vegas, Anton has seen the city go through a multitude of changes.

“Gone are the days of the smaller rooms with headline entertainment,” said Anton. “Everything has been taken over by these big production shows that are stunningly amazing and only Las Vegas can produce something like that.”

Despite the change in entertainment on the Strip, Anton said that audiences still love to see the same things they’ve always loved.

“That’s to be entertained and to have a chance to come and see something that they can’t see any place else, which Las Vegas can certainly offer that. They want to have a good time. They want to laugh. They want to marvel and I don’t think that that’s ever changed,” said Anton.