Lasting blueprints


 By Caroline Fontein

Someone alert the press. Operation: Blue Takeover has commenced. A trio of 15-foot tall blue men has taken over the plaza in front of the Fashion Show mall. But wait, they don’t seem to be moving. In fact, they’re attracting a crowd, and people look like they’re having fun.

Despite what the name implies, Operation: Blue Takeover doesn’t entail the siege or plundering of anything on the Las Vegas Strip. Instead, it’s a reminder of how embedded in the city’s entertainment landscape the Blue Man Group has become during their 11-year run in Vegas.

Blue Man Group

On April 13, 2011, the group cemented their blueprint on the Strip with the unveiling of an interactive statue designed by YESCO LLL. The one-of-a-kind display features two large high-definition monitors and an interactive fam cam. One of the monitors plays clips from the show. The other monitor broadcasts a live feed of anything picked up by the fam cam, which is positioned in one of the Blue Man’s hand. It’s not the typical promotion method, but there’s nothing ordinary about the Blue Man Group.

Part comedy, part music and part avant-garde art, the Blue Man Group has become a Vegas staple by not featuring any of blue_otherthe signatures that make other shows Vegas-style productions. The Blue Man Group doesn’t have any showgirls, glitzy costumes or any other flashy productions elements, and the performers never speak during the show. Dressed in black and covered in blue paint, the three Blue Man performers communicate with their expressions and gestures. They take a different approach to entertaining, and it works. The Blue Man Group debuted in Vegas in 2000 at the Luxor. The show moved to the Venetian in 2005. In fall 2012 it will relocate to the Monte Carlo.

During their show the Blue Man performers stare at each other and the audience is intrigued. That also seems to be the case with their statue. The  Blue Men tower over the sidewalk, and they stare. Visitors walking by can’t help but stop and take notice.