Drum roll, please: Go backstage with Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group takes fans on a backstage interactive tour of the long-running popular show at Monte Carlo in Las Vegas.

If you’ve seen the show, you’ll recall the crazy-unique percussion instruments the Blue Men play.

The Sunday afternoon tour lasts about an hour or so. During my onstage experience, two “Blue Men” and the stage manager guided us around the stage and let us play a few of the instruments used during the performance.

The onstage experience is not only fun, but interesting. Tidbits about the show’s props or music or staging are revealed, including secrets, such as what exactly is the yellow stuff that spews from the Blue Men’s chests? (One of our tour guides let the secret slip, but I’m keeping it to myself).

You don’t have to know how to drum — I certainly don’t — and you’ll still get cheers from the guys as you’re randomly hitting the drums with the sticks. You’ll also learn how to catch marshmallows with your mouth, expertly tossed from across the stage by a Blue Man.

Later, after you watch the show, you’ll get to meet a Blue Man or two backstage in full makeup and snap a photo or two with the cast.

The VIP Onstage Experience is available Sundays. Blue Man Group performs 7 p.m. daily and 4 and 9:30 p.m. on select dates at the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.