‘Crazy Girls’ keeps it steamy with S&M, contortionist

Well into its 25th year, “Crazy Girls” has managed to keep its acts fresh with a rotating set of sexy dancers and erotic numbers sure to give the audience a thrill.

Four new dancers were brought on, including Daisy, a contortionist from Florida – the first for the topless show. Each girl is given a solo that is altered to fit that dancer, “Crazy Girls” choreographer Jennifer Stowe said.

“We have a lot of repeat customers, so we like to give them something different every time they see our show,” Stowe said.

Daisy’s limber solo, complete with back flips, is performed to Lana Del Ray’s “Blue.”

A steamy S&M number pushes the boundaries the most. With Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer” playing, girls are tied up on stage as a dominatrix whips them into submission. A girl-on-girl sex scene is then simulated on stage.

“It always gets applause at the dancers flipping upside down,” Stowe said.

A mainstay number is “Boobs,” a fun and somewhat silly routine that get the dancers grabbing and jiggling their bare breasts to the hooting and laughing audience.

“It shows we don’t take ourselves too seriously and like to make everyone laugh in addition to turning them on,” Stowe said.

Oftentimes, the girls were so scantily clad you’d have to peer closely to see if they were wearing anything at all! (I’m pretty sure they had on barely-there G-strings).

No topless revue would be complete without burlesque and pole numbers, and “Crazy Girls” does them handily. Dancer and singer Rachel sings the opening number, “Welcome to ‘Crazy Girls’” and pays homage to burlesque with her rendition of “Nasty Naughty Boy.”

Australian pole champion Lisa spins around a pole set center stage in a sultry solo, mesmerizing the audience with her acrobatic moves.[Galleries 100 not found]

You’d think the audience would be primarily men in town for bachelor parties – but that is no longer the case, Stowe said. Couples make up most of the audience, but the ones cheering the loudest recently are lesbians enjoying the show, she said.

The show closes with a bang – a release of sorts – but like the girls on stage who tease the men and women with their sexiness, you’ll have to see the show to find out what it is.

“Crazy Girls” performs at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday – Monday at the Riviera.