Blue Man Group brings a new show to the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino

Skydiving from 7,000 feet is all in a day's work for the Blue Man Group.

Being black and blue never looked so good. For the first time in 20 years, the Blue Man Group is presenting a new show to audiences in Vegas.

The group debuted on the Las Vegas Strip in 2000. Since then the Blue Men have been wowing Vegas audiences with their innovative approach to entertainment. Their new show comes in combination with the group’s move from the Venetian to the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino on Oct. 10. The trio made their grand entrance by skydiving  to their new venue.

The performance troupe partnered with Red Bull to pull off their sensational leap from 7,000 feet above the property on the opening day of their new production. This thrilling stunt is indicative of what audiences can expect to see when the three blue men, dressed in all black, take the stage.

The experience starts 45 minutes before each show with a musical processional. Consisting of musicians, robots and puppets co-created by world-renowned 3-D designer Michael Curry, the Percussipede brings an exciting, upbeat experience to onlookers on the casino floor.  The awe-inspiring spectacle is your first taste of what’s ahead at the show.

“Our creative team has been working for two years to propel Blue Man Group’s indescribable celebration of art, technology and music to a whole new level for the Monte Carlo production,” said one of the Blue Man Group founders Chris Wink. “Audience members will be enveloped in a one-of-a-kind, colorful and interactive experience that only Blue Man Group can provide.”

Blue Man Group brings high-octane fun to audiences in Vegas.

The new show includes signature pieces that Blue Man Group is known for and new personalities and dynamic instruments. Some of the new elements in the show include the introduction of humorous assembly-line robots called Kukas, a sassy humanoid Showbot and an exploration into the human brain through the incredible Brain Drum. Smoke Drums enchant the audience by emitting ethereal smoke rings. The Blue Men also demonstrate their new Neuronulum, a pipe instrument created for the indigo innovators that provides musical and visual pulses of energy.

More than just a source of entertainment, the new show entices people to rethink how they view everyday experiences. The show’s comical vignettes combined with its explosive colors, invigorating music, and look at technology twist reality upside down and immerse the audience in the imaginative world of the Blue Man Group.

The group was founded in 1987 by Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton. Since then the group has become known around the world for their avant-garde approach to entertainment. The group has permanent productions in cities across the nation and Berlin. They also have a touring production and a show on Norwegian Cruises. In Vegas they’ve become entertainment icons, known for creating a blissful party atmosphere for fans on the Strip.

“Creating thrilling, exploratory and thought-provoking moments that make an impact on people is what Blue Man Group strives for every day,” said Stanton. “We are excited to share our first new show in 20 years with Las Vegas.”