Big laughs in Vegas


Comedian George Wallace be talking about "yo mama."

By Caroline Fontein

When you feel like all odds are against you in Vegas there’s only one thing that can help, aside from booze — laughter. Let’s face it, whoever said “laughter is the best medicine” was clearly low on alcohol. However, according to research, their words of wisdom are true. Laughter actually does have many health benefits. However, I don’t see why you should limit yourself to just one method for finding happiness. What you really need to do is combine the two and get the best of both worlds — a night of drinking and laughter, and Vegas has plenty of options.  Here are some of our favorite spots to kick back with a drink and enjoy some laughs.

Playboy Comedy Club
Where: Palms
When: 10 p.m. Thursday – Saturday; 8 p.m. Saturday.
A lot of clubs say they get the hottest comedians in the industry today, but this one really does. They feature an ever-changing line-up of comedians who you’ll recognize from popular TV shows, movies or their own comedy specials. Some of the recent performers include Rob Riggle (“The Hangover” and “The Daily Show”), Erik Griffin (“Workaholics”) and Dov Davidoff (“Chelsea Lately”). Plus, the Palms is always a happening place with its various nightclubs and lounges. People are always there to party come nightfall, meaning you’ll have plenty of drinking buddies even if no one knows your name.

Laughter Hours Sunday
Where: Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay
When: 9 p.m. Sundays
Sure maybe it’s Sunday, but you need a drink, I mean a good laugh, and this comedy club has just the thing. Laughter Hours takes place in the Foundation Room at Mandalay Bay, meaning you’ll feel cooler just by stepping inside. Located 43 floors above the Las Vegas Strip, this venue has a chill vibe and an awesome view. This club hosts both big-name and up-and-coming acts. To top it off they offer 2-for-1 drinks. You really can’t go wrong here.

Carrot Top
Where: Luxor
When: 8:30 p.m. Wednesday – Monday.
Ok, ok we know what you might be thinking, but there’s a reason why Carrot Top has continued to be a successful headliner on the Strip. The guy is funny. As silly as it may seem, there’s no end to the hilarity that arises from his crazy prop comedy. He’s constantly adding new bits to his act to keep up with the times, so you never know what crazy contraption he’s going to pull on stage. Carrot Top is loud and crazy and audience members are encouraged to join in.  Drinking and this show go hand in hand.

Anthony Cools
Where: Paris Las Vegas
When: 9 p.m. Tuesday, Thursday – Sunday
Anthony Cools isn’t a comedian, but what he does on stage is hilarious. He’s a hypnotist and tests the inhibitions of audience members who volunteer to be hypnotized. Once on stage, Cools hypnotizes his volunteers and makes them think they’re in various unlikely scenarios. Watching everyday people act a fool in front of an audience is non-stop comedy. The show has a party-like vibe, so anything you might want to do, like drinking, to feel a little loose is highly encouraged.

George Wallace
Where: Flamingo
When: 10 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday
George Wallace is one of those guys who can make anything sound funny. His comedy touches on a wide range of topics, making him relatable to everyone in the audience. He’s been performing in Vegas for years and has no problem working the crowd. Throughout the show he talks to people and uses their responses for comic fodder. Wallace performs in an old-school showroom meaning there is drink service during the show for that much needed beverage. Best of all Wallace throws in some good old-fashioned “Yo mamma” jokes into his routine. Now you know you can’t stop laughing when those come out.