Avoiding Sticker Shock On Your Show Tickets

So you purchased your show tickets online and now you’re off to see Love, Terry Fator or another raved about production found only in Las Vegas. On your way to the theater you pass by the box office and see the ticket prices advertised for less. Before you start feeling like you’ve been taken consider this: The ticket price that you paid online included a live entertainment tax (LET) that is required for all show tickets. The prices that you just saw advertised didn’t.

First, you might be wondering what LET is. Nevada passed legislation in 2003 creating a Live Entertainment Tax. It went into effect in 2004. In accordance with Nevada Gaming Commission and State Gaming Control Board guidelines, all gaming venues are required to pay between a five and 10 percent tax on gross receipts for  live entertainment. The exact tax amount that they pay is determined by the property’s gaming license, the number of tables and slot machines  they have and their occupancy. This means that when you purchase a show ticket, LET is also added to that price.

LET creates a considerable increase in the total ticket price. Usually that tax is not included in the prices advertised on box office marquees. Instead the LET is disclosed during the purchase process. 

With online ticket agents LET is included in the price you first see advertised. However, you might run into some additional fees that pop-up when you go to purchase your tickets.  These are labeled as processing or convenience fees. They account for the fee charged to process your credit card and the convenience of  being able to purchase tickets without the hassle of having to drive down to the hotel, navigate your way through the casino and wait in line. It’s a small additional price to pay, but being able to access tickets from the comfort of your own home is worth it.

Now that you have some insight to ticket prices you’ll be able to avoid some nagging questions on your way to the theater and just think about enjoying the show.


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