3,000th performance of ‘Menopause’: Musical’s hotness not just a flash

“Menopause the Musical,” the longest-running scripted show in Las Vegas, will give its 3,000th performance in April at the Luxor.

When the curtain comes down at the end of the show on April 16, “Menopause” will have served up 3,000 lap dances, 15,064 simulated orgasms, 122,684 hot flashes and 270,000 minutes of uproarious laughter.

The four women of “Menopause” meet in a department store, and though they seem to have nothing in common besides a black lace bra, they bond together for 90 minutes, discussing hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats and chocolate binges.

The unifying experiences of womanhood — the highs and the lows — also bring the musical’s audience together night after night. These universal truths are what have kept the production fresh and relevant seven nights a week for 3,000 performances. And they’re bound to keep “Menopause the Musical” cool (and hot) for many shows to come.