H2 Oh, wow: CityCenter’s water features add a splash of fun to Vegas

The Bellagio Fountains. The Volcano at the Mirage. There’s a certain irony to the fact that some the desert’s most memorable attractions are water-based.

Among the newer water-based sights in Las Vegas are the water features you can find at CityCenter. Designed by WET, the same group responsible for the fountains and volcano, the water features at Aria are a refreshing sight to take in while you wait for valet or a cab.

Lumia is a fountain featuring synchronized colliding splashes of water, ribbons and arcs. Focus is curved water wall where the calming water flows over textured stones. Keeping with CityCenter’s “green” mission, all the water used here is recycled water.

Just within walking distance at Crystals, you’ll find Halo, a maze of water vortexes encased in plastic tubes near Miu Miu, and Glacia, a series of ice pillars that are carved as they rise from a control room below — between the gradual melting and rising, these pillars never look the same twice!

Enjoy this collection of water feature photos:

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