Vegas nightlife offers some unique membership opportunities

Las Vegas has made its name by treating guests as VIPs. Even the folks whose reputations/bank accounts wouldn’t warrant them being treated any better in most cities can find solace in the way they are treated in Sin City.

Of course, VIP treatment can vary by establishment and by experience. For example, the average plumber won’t find a limo service waiting to pick him up at McCarran Airport or bottle service on the house at Haze Nightclub.

That kind of treatment is left to the most prestigious of clientele.

But achieving VIP status in the Vegas nightclub and bar scene doesn’t always require a listing on For some, it’s about seeking out the right establishments and grabbing ahold of the unique memberships or clubs they have to offer.

Marquee Nightclub

The inside of the newly-opened Marquee Nightclub at the Cosmopolitan.

The inside of the newly-opened Marquee Nightclub at the Cosmopolitan.

The newest nightclub to hit Las Vegas wasn’t just on fire when it opened, it somehow managed to under-hype its own opening. Getting in the club on busy nights without being on the guest list will be nearly impossible, but that’s where the Q Card comes in.

Marquee promoted the card through Facebook, giving them away to the first 500 who signed up. The cardholder and a guest receive access to Marquee without paying the cover charge for all of 2011. There is one stipulation, which is that it’s not valid during special events and holidays.

But, considering the pass is good on any regular night one of Marquee’s big-name resident DJs is on the turntables, you shouldn’t have to worry about missing much.

Savile Row

Noir Bar inside LAX was already fairly exclusive, but Angel Management Group wanted to turn the exclusivity up a notch. So they closed Noir down, gave it a physical makeover and, well, changed everything else about it too.

With that, came this odd membership that has murky guidelines to obtain. Only 300 were given out initially and members can make recommendations on whom to grant access, but that doesn’t mean the folks at Savile Row will allow the referred guests to enter.

“People are what make the party, and when you have the right kind of personalities together in one room, the outcome is unpredictable,” said Neil Moffitt, CEO of Angel Management Group, in a press release. “With Savile Row, we have the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind experience by selectively inviting those with diverse backgrounds – ranging from artists, fashionistas, power players and celebrities – to produce a matchless environment that is exciting and impulsive.”

If you are lucky to enough to receive a membership, you will enter through a private “Parlor,” where your identity will be confirmed and you can arrange, through a concierge, a personalized experience for your night.

You don’t have to be a member to get in, but you’ll have to convince “gatekeeper” Mike Diamond why you should be let in. If he grants you access (no word on the secret handshake yet), you won’t have to pay a cover charge.

It all sounds a little 007, but no one said this membership was like Costco.

Casa Fuente

Casa Fuente's humidor contains some of the most exclusive lines of Artura Fuente cigars in the world.

Casa Fuente's humidor contains some of the most exclusive lines of Artura Fuente cigars in the world.

Special liquor tastings are normally a thing for the elite of elite or food critics, but Casa Fuente is giving guests a chance to join an exclusive club that will expose them to those very opportunities.

The Casa Fuente Spirits Society introduces members to some of the rarest spirits available, including Glenfiddich 50-Year Single Malt, which was brought in in honor of the membership launch. The rarest Scotch available is the only bottle in Nevada and one of only six in the United States, according to Casa Fuente.

“As our remarkable collection of rare spirits continues to evolve, what better way than a Spirits Society to introduce and share with those who take pleasure in a great drink” said Michael Frey, managing partner of Casa Fuente, in a statement.

There is a one-time initiation fee of $50 to become a member, which includes a Casa Fuente Cigar and cocktail as a welcome, along with 15 percent off Casa Fuente’s Black List of Scotch and Whiskey selections and all super premium spirits at Casa Fuente for life.

Foundation Room

The view from the Foundation Room, atop Mandalay Bay, gives a breathtaking glimpse of the Strip.

The view from the Foundation Room, atop Mandalay Bay, gives a breathtaking glimpse of the Strip.

While it is no longer a members-only club, there are plenty of reasons to grab a membership at the Foundation Room atop Mandalay Bay.

The membership has three levels – gold, silver and bronze – with varying levels of access in each of them. All come with personal concierge service and complimentary access to live entertainment in the Foundation Room, but it’s the gold level that offers the most perks.

Gold members are granted membership, not just to their home club, but all nine of them in cities like Boston, Dallas and Los Angeles. They can bring up to five guests in the room at any given time and can give passes out to friends whether they’re with them or not. There’s also two complimentary rounds of golf every 30 days, per club, and two complimentary meals every 30 days, per business club outside your home city.

An extra perk is discounts on the private jet program, which if you’re a member at this level is a huge bonus.

Red Square

You kept a locker in high school, you keep one at the gym and now you may use a safe at home. All of them kept your essentials right where you needed them.

Well, what about your drink selection when you come to Vegas?

At Red Square inside Mandalay Bay you can grab a spot inside the giant vodka vault, where the decapitated head of Vladimir Lennon’s statue sits in cube of ice, for your most prized selection of vodkas.

The vodka vault is kept between zero and 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Locker members can show up anytime during business hours and walk right into the vault (one group at a time). They are given fur hats and coats or Russian soldier jackets to wear in the vault.

Someone called a Vodka Goddess (another perk?) helps members to their vodka and even pours shots for them if they wish.

Members can also grant access to anyone they want. Meaning, if you have friends in Las Vegas during a weekend in which you won’t be in town, you simply let Red Square know beforehand and they will be given full access just like any other member.

If you don’t spring for the yearly membership, you can buy a bottle of vodka at Red Square and be treated like one anyway. Each guest who buys a bottle is welcomed into the vault to drink their vodka.

9 Group

The dealers at the Playboy Club, located inside the Palms, are dressed in Playboy's classic bunny outfit.

The dealers at the Playboy Club, located inside the Palms, are dressed in Playboy's classic bunny outfit.

As is the case with many places in town, it’s often how much money you spend that determines the level of treatment you get. Much of the time there isn’t a set price tied to that treatment, just a ballpark figure.

Well, at the Palms you know exactly what you get and for what price. Nightlife and restaurant operator 9 Group, which runs Rain Nightclub; Moon Nightclub; Playboy Club; ghostbar; Palms Pool & Bungalows; N9NE Steakhouse and Nove Italiano inside the Palms, offers a unique membership opportunity that will grant you access to the same kind of treatment as the many celebrities that frequent the Palms.

Membership starts at $1,000, which gets you one membership card and VIP access for yourself and up to three guests to the various nightclubs and Palms Pool & Bungalows on any given day, among a few other perks.

But the benefits really kick in at the $2,000 mark, the Gold Membership. In addition to the Silver Membership perks, you get one of those fancy official engraved Playboy Keys you see the celebs get on their birthdays, a $250 gift card, priority reservations to both restaurants, a host to escort you into the nightlife venues, bottle discounts and a lot more.

There is also a Platinum Membership for $3,500, which gets you and your spouse membership privilege, and a Diamond Membership for $10,000. The Diamond Membership is more for businesses that are looking to bring large groups out to the clubs or restaurants.


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  1. Amy at 2:57 pm

    The 9 Group’s Membership also offers a complimentary table in Moon, Ghostbar or Playboy for their members . The list continues on with Pre-sale concert tickets at the Pearl, discounted room rates, discounts at the spa and gym, members only VIP area during themed parties and invites to members only events.

  2. CityCenterConcierge at 2:02 pm

    All places named in this article and in Las Vegas for that matter are visually appealing. The one thing that separates an average or even bad experience from a truly unforgettable one is the level and quality of service provided by those working at the establishment.
    Many of these Las Vegas management companies are revolving doors when it comes to employment, employee retention and overall satisfaction among employees. This most certainly DIRECTLY effects a patrons experience. When an employee cares, the level of service provided shows.
    It’s hard to argue that the Tao Group and 9Group don’t rank among the highest in overall employee satisfaction and are therefor the places to go when truly seeking that most memorable experience.