Vegas Clubs: Dos and Don’ts

You’re looking good and feeling good and tonight’s going to be the night! But, just in case you need a few pointers before you get in line at the club, we’ve put together a few essential dos and don’ts that will ensure that your night out goes as planned.  Whether you’re hitting up Marquee or Wet Republic on the Strip or Cherry Nightclub or The Pond off the Strip, allow us to be your nightlife Yoda with these pointers.


With these tips, you're bound to have a good time at the club tonight.

Dress to impress. Guys, wear some dress shoes (some might let you in with less than that, but not every club and not every night) and ladies, get some heels that won’t end in you making that shameful barefoot walk out of the club. When it comes to the rest of your attire, short of a monocle and top hat, there’s no such thing as overdoing it at the club.

When in doubt, call ahead. “If anything else, it’s important to call the clubs and find the dress codes and door policies so you’re not caught off guard on anything you don’t know about,” says Tao Group partner Jason Strauss.

Bring cash and have your ID ready. Sorry, but money talks. Whether it’s to get in ahead of the line, at the bar, or at the VIP table, a nice tip can work wonders. Having your ID out to get in just makes everyone’s life much easier, including the bouncer’s, your own and that of everyone in line behind you.

Plan ahead and get passes. Whether you’re getting passes or a table ahead of time, a little planning can go a long way. This goes for nightclubs as well as pool parties/pool clubs.

“If you’re going to come in through general admission, buy tickets in advance. You won’t have to wait in line,” said Ian Kohoutek, the Hard Rock Hotel’s executive director of beverage.

And let’s be honest, here: Would you rather wait in line, or spend more time actually in the club?

Be considerate. OK, sure, you’re all in the zone. But remember, don’t overdo the perfume/cologne, be courteous to the people working there and also trying to have a good time, and be aware of your surroundings in these admittedly packed venues when you’re in line, at the bar or anywhere else.


Don’t disturb the DJ. In this day and age, it’s surprising how often this still comes up. Although it’s harder for this to happen in most of Vegas’ mega clubs, since the DJ is probably elevated or in a more separate area, there are still some venues where the DJ is more up close and personal. But remember: He’s a professional at work. Interacting and sharing a moment with the DJ is great, but don’t try to put in a “request.”  You don’t want someone coming in to your job and telling you how to do it, right?

Don’t drive. This one should go without saying. Make arrangements for later in the night, whether it’s a designated driver, taxi, a room, or whatever it may be, beforehand.

Wear uncomfortable shoes. “But doesn’t this contradict ‘dress to impress?'” you might ask. Maybe, but probably not. You know what’s comfortable and what isn’t, don’t wear something that’ll leave you searching for a place to sit for the rest of the night.

Bring too much. Pack light — this mostly goes for the ladies (you know, purses), but you’d be surprised. Chances are, you don’t need a giant bag or stuff you’re bringing in from outside while you’re in the club. Remember, these places can be packed, especially around the bar. No need to add anything else to that mix.