Tiësto leaves footprints at the Fountains of Bellagio

EDM and Vegas were made for each other. One’s a bumping expression of how youth and the night coalesce into ecstatic experiences – and the other’s electronic dance music. Now the city and the sound are merging even more as the music of Tiësto, the world-renowned DJ and regular performer at Hakkasan, has been added to the Fountains at Bellagio.

Tiësto in the DJ booth at Hakkasan

The song itself is a special mix created just for the fountain show – something easily accomplished in the world of electronic music. Given his production skills, and the technology available to him, Tiësto was able to remix three of his already popular songs together to create something unique for the Bellagio and Las Vegas.

This is the first time the fountains have added a “new” type of music to their catalog. With classics like Elvis and Sinatra crooning down the sidewalk, it can be easy to think of the fountains as a more nostalgic attraction – even though they’ve only existed since 1998. But the Bellagio, and Las Vegas as a city, are all about the future.

As EDM continues its climb into the mainstream, new crowds will come pouring into the clubs to experience the unique Vegas atmosphere. They’ll be younger. They’ll care less about the old and be more focused on the right-now. And they’ll want to be represented by the attractions that have made this city legendary. Now they can be as the famous Fountains at Bellagio play the music of Tiësto.


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