The thirsty tourist’s guide to brews galore in Las Vegas

So, you’re in Vegas and you’ve got a thirst for beer. Whether you’ve just developed a taste for beer or you’re a long-time connoisseur, Las Vegas is a great town to grab a pint and have a good time. Here are a few places you can try on your search for a good brew and a great time:

Where to develop your beer palate:

Quantity reigns here. With extensive beer lists, these two watering holes are a great spot to find a new favorite beer. And then another one, and another one…

Yard House

Located just a few miles south of Mandalay Bay on the Las Vegas Strip, Yard House has nearly 200 beers on tap. The beer list here is so extensive, that it reads more a typical wine list at an upscale restaurant. Blonde ales, bitters, IPAs, microbrews, craft ales, strong brews, spicy, strong, wheat, — if a word can describe a kind of beer, it gets its own dedicated section on Yard House’s menu. While you’re here, enjoy some sliders or mac & cheese and a mostly classic rock soundtrack.


The Pub at Monte Carlo has more than 200 selections for beer lovers

The Pub at Monte Carlo has more than 200 selections for beer lovers

The Pub at Monte Carlo

Located in the resort’s “Street of Dreams,” The Pub has more than 200 beers to choose from, which presents plenty of options for washing down some of their yummy vittles, such as their burgers, grilled seafood or mango chicken quesadillas. Between the sophisticated vibe from the the glowing kegs behind the bar, to the “boot” full of beer you can order, The Pub has something for every taste.

Where to find the next ‘American Idol’: 

Ellis Island

A hidden gem behind The Strip at Koval Lane and Flamingo Road, the Ellis Island Casino & Brewery is a good place to enjoy a beer and watch the karaoke “pros” work their magic, away from the hustle and bustle of the bigger casinos.

Ellis serves an amber ale, hefe, dark lager and a low-calorie light lager. And if the mood strikes you for an ice cream float instead, they even brew their own old-fashioned root beer.

Where to brush up on your history:

Triple 7 at Main Street Station Casino Brewery Hotel

When the word “brewery” is in the joint’s full name, it brings certain expectations to the table.

Main Street Station has five hand-crafted beers, one of which is a seasonal brew. Their brew names are 100 percent Vegas: High Roller Gold wheat beer, Marker Pale Ale, the award-winning Royal Red Lager, Blackchip Porter and a rotating Brewmaster Special: currently a Dunkel German-style dark lager.

After grabbing a pint, guests take a self-guided tour of the resort’s historical antiques: the doors and facade from the Kuwait Royal Bank, doors from the Pullman Mansion, chandeliers from the Coca-Cola Building in Texas and the Figaro Opera House in Paris and, arguably the crowning piece,  a portion of the Berlin Wall located in the men’s restroom… with urinals affixed to it. Which brings us to…

Where to kick off your world tour: 



We don't recommend sliding your beer across the table top like so.

Dirndls and bratwurst and music, oh my! Hofbräuhaus imports its beer – the Hofbräu Original full-bodied lager, a dark Dunkel, fruity Hefe Weizen, the aromatic Hofbräu Maibock and the crisp Oktoberfestbier – from the source in Germany. This premium beer is brewed in Munich under a 400-year-old purity law — beer is taken very seriously here.

But that’s not all they’ve imported: when you come to Hofbräuhaus, you can find an authentic German beer hall experience, complete with a live band, rows upon rows of festive visitors, and of course, delicious German food. If that wasn’t authentic enough, the whole building is a replica of the Munich Hofbräuhaus, which was originally commissioned in 1589 by King William V. Come by, grab a pint and sing along with the band. It will be just like if you were in Munich!

And  I still say their rendition of “Sweet Caroline” is the best.


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  1. Rajan at 2:17 pm

    I will assume that the writer is ignorant of some of the better beer places in Vegas for one reason or another. For a strip joint – Burger Bar. For off the strip – Rosemary’s Beverage Director has actually brewed beer at Sierra Nevada for the establishment. Aces & Ales on Nellis Blvd has arguably the best beers on tap in the city, including the best brewery in town – the Joseph James Brewery. The Freakin’ Frog has the largest selection of bottled beer in Las Vegas. I’m surprised the writer wrote about Ellis Island as a “hidden gem” when the consensus among those who know their stuff when it comes to beer agrees that it is the worst of the vegas breweries. When it comes to local brewpubs, Big Dog’s and Tenaya are clearly better.

  2. Jorge Labrador at 5:52 pm

    Arthur, great choices! Definitely worth checking out for tourists venturing outside of the usual areas.

    Rajan, thanks for the comment. Those are actually some some of the staff’s favorite off-Strip, off-Downtown spots as well, and perhaps something to highlight in a future writeup for visitors who want to branch out outside of the two more trafficked areas of town.

  3. Lazlo Santos at 1:58 am

    Wow, I loved all the locations you mentioned. and they all have a little to offer to all those
    that love a good beer. I love all the top hang out here in las vegas, hope to keep reading more
    about great locations. I also found a site worth checking out…its call (