The relaxing side of Vegas pool clubs

azurenewIt doesn’t take a trip to Vegas to realize that a 72-hour party blitz is completely within the realm of possibilities when you spend three days here.

Just simply sub in clubs like Tao, Pure, Rain or a number of other ones on Friday and Saturday night, then jump in the waters at the Encore Beach or Tao Beach on Saturday, throw in a couple bars along the way and close out the assault on Vegas with a little Rehab and Bam! (sorry Emeril), you’ll be sleeping like a baby on the plane ride back to wherever you came from.

The party scene is easy to find in Vegas and odds are it will find you, but what about the times you just want to escape from it all and actually relax away from screaming kids and adolescent boys? Those kinds of experiences you sometimes have to find for yourself.

That was the kind of atmosphere we sought out last weekend and luckily we had an invite to go to Azure at the Palazzo. The French Riviera-themed pool was hosting Jennifer Love Hewitt (who most of us remember as the hot actress in teenage-classics during the late ’90s) for “Stereo Love Saturdays,” and this was a prime opportunity to relive our youth.

She didn’t hit the blue carpet (Azure means blue in French) until a little after 2:30 p.m. on a day that was predicted to hit 113 degrees and made even hotter by the throngs of photographers and curious onlookers.

When she came walking up, she looked just beautiful as she does in the movies with a pink cover-up on and glasses straight of out “Sex in the City 2” – literally.

After posing every which way for the cameras, Love Hewitt escaped to her private cabana and we set up shop on a couple of lounge chairs. Within a few minutes of people watching, we noticed that this pool club scene was a far cry from what we had seen at many other places. Here, you won’t feel out of place if you just want to escape from the kids in the guest pool and catch some rays. You can feel equally at home if you’re in the mood to find some new friends and have a few drinks.

The party escalates a little more as the day goes on with more upbeat music and our favorite part of the day when the song “Pop Champagne” came on and about a dozen members of the Azure staff actually popped champagne and sprayed over the people in the pool.

Azure isn’t home of the only tamed-down pool party, here is a list of other pool clubs that tend to keep things a little mellower on the weekend:

Venus Pool Club: This Caesars Palace pool club pays homage to how the gods would have liked to have spent the weekends. Plenty of perfect-bodied men and women frequent the pool where Saturdays are generally the only day the club charges a cover.

Bare: Get pampered when you spring for a daybed or cabana with complimentary chilled cucumbers for your eyes, iced towels rolled and chilled in lemon-flavored water and Evian misting bottles.

SKYBAR: While it is just a short walk from the madness that is Rehab, SKYBAR is worlds apart with two pools and its own bar. Escape to either a shallow infinity pool at the lower level or to the pool with a view on the second level.

If you’re not sure what kind of party mood you’re in check out our pool page where you’re sure to find something to whet your appetite.