The next trend for partygoers?

bluehourThe nightlife scene in Vegas has been used as a rite of passage or an escape from reality for decades. Heck, odds are your grandfather dropped a couple of hard-earned bucks on the tables downtown and was within earshot of Old Blue Eyes himself.

Now, we have nightclubs at nearly every casino and pool clubs eating up any excess money during the day. With all the avenues to blow a few bucks, there was one time slot left that was usually for dinner or pre-party drinking at the hotel.

But now the MGM Grand is looking to add a new wrinkle. The resort is kicking off what it is calling “Blue Hour,” at its Signature Tower 1 pool where the drinks are flowing on the cheap and there’s no cover charge.

The pool, which is normally reserved for hotel guests only, opens up to the public on Friday and Saturday nights from 6-10 p.m. with your usual pool club amenities – DJs, cabanas, lounges – and allows patrons to determine how it should be used. Should it be your post-pool party spot where you can wear your board shorts or bikinis? Or should it be a pre-club hangout where you don stylish nightclub attire? You decide.

With all the combinations you might get confused and come in with a bikini and skirt on or shorts and a button up shirt. We’re not judging – as long as you don’t go with the flip-flops and dress socks combo.

The thing that intrigues us most about this new “Blue Hour” party time slot is cheap drinks. We can all go drop $25 picking up a frozen concoction and wearing it around our neck on the Strip, but finding cheap drinks around here is an art form. Happy Hour runs from 6 – 7 p.m. and features $15 pitchers (yes, pitchers, not glasses) of sangria and buckets of beer (that’s six actual beers, not Natty Ice) for $17.50.

We don’t know if this concept is going to work, but there were plenty of folks in town who doubted the daylife trend. Maybe if this kicks off we’ll have a new term in our Vegas vocabulary, eveninglife. Just remember who coined the phrase first.