Spring Break in Las Vegas is an everyone kind of affair

For college students, spring break is a time where they get to drop their books and studies and drink more than their livers can handle. Or for parents, this is where you can spend some quality time with your family. Some would say this is the most important week of the year. But how are you supposed to juggle school, your kid’s schedule and planning spring break in Las Vegas? No need to fear, the Vegas crew is here. We’re going to give you a checklist of things to do in Vegas for spring break, so by the end of it you’ll wake up even more sleep deprived. Spring break in Las Vegas is going to be off the chain.

Photo credit: The Mob Museum


There’s so much more you can do (besides partying) that’ll make your spring break one for the books. First up, Indoor Skydiving. Here you’ll feel like you drank that bubble juice in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” You don’t have to jump out of a plane to get the adrenaline rush of a lifetime. This place will hand-deliver it to you with a side of awesomeness. After you’ve flown like a bird, it’s time to spread your wings to the next attraction, Pole Position Raceway. Feel the need for speed in these advanced go-karts. They have drifting abilities and the instructor clocks your time so you can prove that you annihilated your friends on the track. Now, we don’t want to have to tell your mom that we sent you home with a full-blown adrenaline addiction, so let’s take a breather and check out The Mob Museum in downtown Las Vegas. You’ll learn all the history behind The Mob, you’ll get to interact with a crime lab and the use of force training experience. So hurry up and figure out who killed Harry because we still have one more stop to check off the list. Drum roll please. Slotzilla is the big finale finish. It’s time to zip line through Fremont Street with finesse. What’s so special about this zip lining experience you may ask? Well, one you get to people watch from a bird’s eye view, and two you get a stellar close-up look of the trippy digital canopy that everyone Instagrams about. Have we transformed you into an adrenaline junky yet? We hope so.

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This is where we get to the bread and butter of our city. Las Vegas shows are one of those things that you see, and your whole life is changed. Entertainment is our middle name, and once you witness one of these shows, you’ll see why. Absinthe at Caesars Palace is the first one on the list. You know why? Because it appeals to your filthy minds and makes you laugh with all their gentlemen and lady parts jokes. They have crazy stunts that will make your brain explode, much like that emoji on your keyboard. But, if you’re over laughing about the word, “penis,” and want to take a more serious dive into sensuality, head to Zumanity at New York-New York. They prove that your body can do a lot more than you think. And they use whips, chains, silks and even an erotic fruit pass between two mouths that will get your…attention. If you’re not looking to get naughty in Sin City, you know because you have a family and stuff. Blue Man Group at the Luxor will get the party going with a sensory overload with a heaping portion of humor on the side. At Le Rêve – The Dream inside Wynn, you’ll see our romantic side blossom. But what’s love without a little action. Not only will you follow the main character through her love story, but the cast will do double, triple and even quadruple flips into the water from high places.

Photo courtesy of Marquee Beach Club

Pool Clubs

What’s better than night drinking on a weekend? Day drinking at a pool club on a weekday with 500 of your closest friends. We are known for our pool club scene, and that’s because it’s sunny all-year-round. We have DJs, specialty cocktails and even celebrity chefs that make world renown food that’s delivered to your cabana, poolside. And if you want that plus more, head to the pool club called Marquee inside The Cosmopolitan. Let’s just say you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for a more intimate pool club with 250 of your closest friends, try Daylight at Mandalay Bay or Liquid at ARIA. There, you won’t be smushed up against someone while trying to “dance” in the pool. And to make it better, they have fun floaties in the pool that are shaped like pizza and donuts. If you want to unleash your wild side, head to Rehab at Hard Rock Hotel. This is where it all began, so it’s more of a “history” lesson instead of a party scene. That’s what we tell our moms anyway.

Photo credit: Minus5 Ice Bar


Shots! Shots! Shots! It’s time to keep that buzz going in the best way possible. Las Vegas bars are wild. And there are the people who would rather bar hop then go to da club. Stroll down The LINQ Promenade. They have more than enough bars to get even an elephant tipsy. If you’re a one bar kind of person, head to Minus5 Ice Experience at Mandalay Place or the Grand Canal Shoppes. This bar is completely made out of ice and you’ll look like Jon Snow with their faux fur coats. If you want to stray away from the cold and imagine you’re in Mexico, check out Cabo Wabo Cantina inside the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. They have a patio so you can soak up the sun and indulge in their many drink specials dedicated to you spring breakers. But, there’s also Fremont East. This place gives off a hipster vibe with a string of bars offering craft cocktails and beer. Hipster, Hipster on the wall, where’s the best bar of them all (that offers all organic, gluten free, cage free, everything-free stuff). The answer is Park on Fremont. They have some of the best cocktails downtown and they even have a seesaw for crying out loud. So check it out and check this last bar off your spring break list.

Photo credit: Hakkasan Group


It’s time to get pretty and hit the city. The next thing on the list of things to do on your Spring Break in Vegas is hit the nightclubs. These are some of the best in the world! If you’re looking to dance with an extra-over-the-top chandelier, head to Omnia at Caesars Palace. If you’re trying to be a high socialite with a side of class, Tao at The Venetian is for you. If you’re hip and get down with the latest music trends, then check out the Chain Smokers at XS inside Encore. And if you want to hang with the O.G. of clubs, Hakkasan at MGM Grand is where it all started. Let’s see if you can create your own “Hangover” experience.

That completes your spring break checklist. Can you tackle it all? You’ve been pulling a lot of all-nighters for this very moment. It’s time to unleash your inner party beast, or Clark Griswold depending on who you’re with, onto the city of Las Vegas.


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