Some special nights at Las Vegas clubs

EDM is everywhere and we’re all just going to have to live with that. But just because you know you’re going to hear at least a few of the same songs doesn’t mean you can’t have a unique night out in Vegas. Our clubs are always special, but on certain nights they like to jack up the cleverness to bring on an experience you can’t get any other time of the week. So if you find yourself out on any of these nights, try something new and different with some of the hottest specialty club nights in Las Vegas.

That 50 Cent it's Sundrais. Photo courtesy of Drai's Nightclub.

SunDrais. Photo courtesy of Drai’s Nightclub.

SunDrais at Drai’s Nightclub
When: Sunday nights
We always love word play. And at Drai’s Nightclub it’s hardly the only kind of play you’ll have. The whole spot is hot and hopping and you always know you’re in for something sweet. On Sundays, they hand the mic to live performers who turn the club into a venue where live entertainment reigns. Of course there’s DJ backing too, but all eyes are focused on the front. Upcoming headliners include Chris Brown, Fabolous, and Tyga. If you love the club atmosphere but want to see some live action too, SunDrais is where it’s at.

It probably won't look like this, since the theme changes all the time, but it will be beautiful. Photo courtesy of Omnia and Al Powers.

It probably won’t look like this, since the theme changes all the time, but it will be beautiful. Photo courtesy of Omnia and Al Powers.

Imagine Sundays at Omnia
When: Sunday nights for the next few weeks
Also on Sundays, as you may have guessed by the multiple mentions already in this description, Imagine at Omnia is a beautiful example of what clubs can be. Each week becomes an artistic and expressive creation that is sure to wow the pants off anyone who happens to be wearing pants. It’s something we’ve covered before and are always happy to attend. Combined with some of the best DJs around like Armin Van Buuren and Chuckie, Imagine Sundays shows how a specialty club night can elevate any club—even one that’s already soaring like Omnia. Just be sure to hurry, Imagine will only be going through mid-September. But it’s Omnia, so it’s amazing no matter what night you go.

The beauty of REVO Sundays. Photo courtesy of REVO Sundays and Revolution Lounge.

The beauty of REVO Sundays. Photo courtesy of REVO Sundays and Revolution Lounge.

REVO Sundays at Revolution Lounge
When: Sunday nights
We feel like we’re sensing a pattern here. All these clubs have specialty nights during the nighttime. No wait, that’s not it. Now it’s gonna bug us until we figure it out. In the meantime, REVO Sundays at Revolution Lounge is the best LGBTQ night on the Las Vegas Strip. If you haven’t already been to Revolution Lounge or Abbey Road Bar, they’re both Beatles-themed and work in conjunction with the Beatles “Love” show by Cirque du Soleil. So, just to recap, you’ve got Cirque du Soleil, the Beatles, alcohol, and gay people. The only way that could be a better party is if you could somehow get cats involved. But they’d probably freak the fur out from the lights and music. So we’ll just stick to the other stuff and say that REVO Sundays is always a revolutionary experience.

Two turntables and Mike's phone. That's the quote, right? Photo courtesy of Sayers Club.

Two turntables and Mike’s phone. That’s the quote, right? Photo courtesy of Sayers Club.

White Label Thursdays at Sayers Club
When: Thursday nights
We figured it out. The pattern is that they’re all in Las Vegas. Whew. Glad we got that sorted. Now onto White Label Thursday at Sayers Club. Calling back to the days when the D in DJ meant something (no, not that you pervs), White Label Thursdays are a night for turntables and vinyl. They’re the night for those demigods of the decks to practice their scratching and prove themselves worthy of the jockey moniker. Clearly we take this pretty seriously. We totally get and appreciate the digital world, we are an internet company after all, but there’s just something about watching someone set the needle and start the turn that makes us nostalgic for last Thursday. You don’t have to be a purist to enjoy this night, it might help, but all you really need to be is a person looking to have a good time.

Sensational session. Photo courtesy of Sayers Club.

Sensational session. Photo courtesy of Sayers Club.

Sayers Sessions at Sayers Club
When: Saturday Nights
Sayers Club also hosts Sayers Sessions on Saturday nights, which includes talented vocalists accompanying live musicians to create a rocking experience every music lover should check out. You never know who might show up to sing, it’s one of the things that makes Sayers Sessions so fun. Just show up and see what live music the night has in store for you.

Everything is a circus at Share. Photo courtesy of Share Nightclub.

Everything is a circus at Share. Photo courtesy of Share Nightclub.

Stripper Circus at Share
When: Friday nights
First off, Share is a gay club, not a strip club. It’s also not on the Las Vegas Strip so it’s not a Strip club either. What it is is a really cool spot to hang out and get some strong drinks. They have go-go dancers most nights, but on Fridays they really kick things up. Stripper Circus is the night that the go-gos get going harder than ever. The DJs are bumping and the stage is in full swing. This is a theme night but it’s really just a raucous party that happens to have a really weird clown statue thing. Seriously, don’t say we didn’t warn you about the weird clown statue thing. But once you’ve had a few drinks you won’t care. The dancers don’t bare all, probably just for licensing reasons, but it’s still a hell of a party with more hot action than you’ll probably see any other night of the week.

If none of these nights work for your schedule, you can always find a party in Las Vegas by checking out our Nightclubs Page. 


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