Some of our Fremont Street bar crawl favorites

From the trendy Fremont East District to the bars facing out onto the Fremont Street Experience light and sound show, Fremont Street and the surrounding area is a perfect spot for a bar crawl at some one-of-a-kind Vegas bars.

Yes, Hogs & Heifers gets real.

World’s Largest Pint Glass: With this suggestion, you might ask: “Wait a sec, aren’t all pint glasses…one pint?” Well, no time for such trivial semantics here, buddy. This building houses four potential drinking stops, all of which are fun choices: the Irish pub-style Hennessey’s Tavern, the beach-themed Mickie Finnz, the ever-chill Brass the Lounge and the Las Vegas Country Saloon. All four options serve food (pub grub at Hennessey’s, beach fare at Mickie Finnz, etc.), so this is a great pit stop or start to the night.

Hogs & HeifersIf the row of motorcycles parked outside doesn’t tell you what to expect, the ever-growing collection of bras dangling on the shelf behind the bar should. Known for wild nights, the bartenders scream out orders over megaphones and demand that ladies dance on the bar. They’re usually the first ones to jump up and get the party started, in fact. But remember: This isn’t a hoity-toity martini bar, this is a honky-tonk. Order accordingly, let loose just a bit and you’ll have a great time.

Don’t Tell Mama: The piano bar concept isn’t particularly novel. Luckily, this is the best one in town. This cozy Big Apple-import’s talented staff is ready to entertain between serving up stiff drinks. Feel free sing your heart out too, of course, but don’t feel bad if it doesn’t stack up to the staff: Those bartenders are just so, so good.

The Parlour Bar & Lounge at El Cortez: This classy joint has comfortable lounge seating, live piano music and video poker. Practically everything you could ask for from a casino bar is here, with a much cooler ambiance than is typical of these places. Think speakeasy, but without all the speakeasy clichés.

Longbar at The D Las VegasThis one’s easy to find, just look for the…long bar. This spot has the novelty of being the longest bar in the state of Nevada, with seats stretching across almost the entire length of the casino.

Insert Coin(s): From classic arcade machines to bottle service served up with game consoles to one of the best music programs this town has to offer, this interactive nightlife combination has to be checked out at least once. Just be aware of the cover on Friday and Saturday nights and the fact that the computer on “Super Street Fighter II Turbo” totally cheats and has consistently done so since the mid-90s.

Triple 7 Restaurant and Brewery: Another “bar and eatery” option like those under the pint glass, Triple 7 has fresh, award-winning microbrews (including Oktoberfest  German lagers as of this posting!), fresh sushi, ribs, steaks, burgers and much more. It’s also at Main Street Station, which is the only place in town where guys can use a restroom with urinals attached to a real piece of the Berlin Wall. Take that, communism!

Of course, this is just a bit of a starter. What are your favorite Fremont Street bars? Let us know with a comment!