Sin City Brewing Co. opens up (another) shop

There’s something that gets glossed over a lot in this town. It falls by the wayside for more glamorous things, more stereotypically “Vegas” stuff. It becomes an afterthought, a fourth choice when you’ve exhausted all the other things you know how to order.

It’s beer.

And although it’s not at the forefront of everybody’s mind, you can have your beer almost any way you like here in Vegas. You can have it in a football, you can have it in a plastic guitar, you can have it in a boring, old pint glass. But if you’re smart, you don’t care what you’re drinking the beer out of, you just care what you’re drinking.

Now, you can get the fanciest of fancy beers or you can take part in the Pabst Blue Ribbon revival currently sweeping hipster-dom across the nation. But since you can probably get those other places, too, doesn’t it make sense to try something unique to Vegas?

Like, say, a beer named after it?

Enter Sin City Brewing Co.

Brought to life by a guy named Richard Johnson, who used to be director of brewing operations for Gordon Biersch, Sin City is a solid beer.

There are four types — a Weisse, a Blonde, Amber and Stout — and they’re all worth trying at least once, although the Blonde is a personal favorite.

To get it, you can head to Sin City outposts at the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood (a small walk-up bar) or the Flamingo (a larger place, with some seating). Yard House at Town Square even has it on tap.

Plus, come Sept. 10, a new location is opening inside the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian.

And, just a warning: the Sin City logo is a red-silhouetted busty devil lady. You may want a T-shirt or a pint glass with the logo on it. But don’t just buy one and not try the beer. Let me just put this out there again: try the beer. Not only is it awful to be wearing a shirt with some beer’s logo on it and not be able to talk about how it tastes (unless somebody brought it back from Vegas for you), it’s also awful that you’d miss out on a good beer.

So, the next time everyone in your party is wailing for Cosmos or vodka shots or whatever other drink is not beer, steer them over to Sin City. It’s Vegas, it’s beer and, well, that’s the end of my argument.


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  1. Kevin from NJ at 8:10 am

    I can’t wait to see the new place in the Venetian. I hope Miranda is still at the Miracle Mile Shops location.