Road to EDC20 Las Vegas

The art, the music, the dancing, the fans, the OMG what the hell is that – EDC Las Vegas is more than a music fest; it’s a life and experience all its own. As we’re getting ready for 2016, the 20th anniversary and our own impending drop-induced euphoria, we’d like to share with you this retrospective of EDC as we’ve known and loved it — courtesy of Insomniac. Take a trip – not that kind – through the history and wonder of EDCs gone by:


I came from a little town in the Midwest. And believe me, I’m never going back. It’s probably nice if you love grass and snow; but I love the lights, the glamour, and the flocks of tourists seeking fun and fortune. Once the sun goes down, I’ll be the first one out hitting the clubs or just wandering the Strip for a little nighttime adventure. Passing through Bond on my way to Lily Bar, or taking a shortcut through Double Helix before landing at Parasol Up/Down, I’m the one you’ll randomly bump into – only sometimes literally – strolling through Sin City’s liquored veins – and loving every minute of it.