Poppin’ bottles and piñatas: GBDC is back

GBDC is essentially a Technicolor wonderland.

Ladies and gentlemen: Las Vegas’ first dayclub is back: Ghostbar Dayclub put on a rager of a season opening last Saturday, bringing with it high-end beer bongs, confetti explosions, piñatas, a little bit of Gangnam Style and more.

Although guests at the Palms have had the GBDC Party Pit on the casino floor to hold them over during the off-season, you really can’t beat the real thing, which takes place every Saturday at 1 p.m., 55 stories above the casino at Ghostbar.

Though the indoor-outdoor day party usually has DJs spinning that you also see in the Vegas nightlife circuit, GBDC is a wildly different beast than the nightclub experience. There’s an entirely different kind of energy, with choreographed dancers dressed in an explosion of neon or partying on stilts.

Stilts as far as the eye can see.

Guests, too, are invited to dress ridiculously instead of going by vague clubwear guidelines. Last, but most certainly not least: GBDC has some unique options for both food and drink.

In fact, the drinks are one of the biggest draws: the special libations include jeweled Beer Bongs served by tutu-wearing servers, a shotski for group shots, tall boy beers in brown paper bags and a few signature cocktails. The champagne is always flowing, with bottles popping spontaneously all day.

The food selections include Italian sausage sandwiches and Vienna beef frankfurters served from an actual street cart on Ghostbar’s deck and created by N9NE Steakhouse Executive Chef Barry Dakake.

The VIP experience is different as well. GBDC turns the table service concept on its head, with themed tables and complimentary fun toys such as bubble machines, noise makers, feather boas, oversized glasses and other costume items, as well as unique bottle presentations that liven up what is already a crazy party.

The resident DJ lineup at GBDC includes Zen Freeman, Sex Panther, Mark Stylz and Alie Layus, with special performances lined up throughout the season.

You can see what to expect at GBDC in this opening party recap from N9NE Group: