Plenty of beers on tap in Las Vegas

Rí Rá inside Mandalay Bay is more than just an authentic Irish pub, it's filled with Irish relics, bands and, of course, beer.

Rí Rá inside Mandalay Bay is more than just an authentic Irish pub, it's filled with Irish relics, bands and, of course, beer.

It’s easy to grab a beer in Las Vegas. Room service will bring you whatever flavor you desire, cocktail waitresses will bring you a bottle while you feed money into the machines on the casino floor and if you walk three steps on the Las Vegas Strip you’ll probably find a bar.

But when you’re in Vegas why just grab any old beer at any old place when you can sample some of the best beers in the world at world-class bars?

We’ve compiled a list of some must-see beer havens during any beer lover’s Las Vegas vacation.

If Munich is what you’re searching for, you’ve missed it on the map by about 5,700 miles. But don’t fret, you can knock back the same liters they’re pounding away at Oktoberfest.

Hofbräuhaus is home to the same authentic German beer world tourists soak up whenever given the chance. Live German bands grace the stage nightly and encourage guests to lift their glasses regularly in a number of toasts and contests.

While you’re there order a shot of Jagermister, you’ll love us and hate us for it all at the same time.

Rí Rá
Guinness didn’t place its only American store next to Rí Rá without a reason. The recently-opened Irish pub is a testament to everything that makes authentic Irish pubs what they are. Not only does it house relics of long-gone Irish pubs and other outposts, but it also features authentic Irish bands, 17 different beers on tap and 85 bottled beers.

When you’ve had your fill of Jameson shots and Guinness, stop next door to grab some Guinness swag. The store has everything from Guinness pints to a Guinness-branded rugby ball.

Gordon Biersch
This Bay Area microbrewery is located just off the Strip, but the garlic fries alone make up for the trek. But beer is the reason to make this venture.

Gordon Biersch beer is the product of Dan Gordon’s schooling in a German brewing engineering program. He brought back his knowledge and began brewing Gordon Biersch beer with business partner Dean Biersch. The beer selection runs from bock to hefeweizen to pilsner and frequent guests can enroll in the Stein Club that can earn you prizes like the much-sought after Gordon Biersch boot.

Any place that serves beer in an 80-ounce souvenir guitar cup, complete with guitar strap, should be one of the first places you grab a beer.

Rockhouse is an oasis for Strip tourists during the daytime hours with drinks galore passed out by gorgeous girls who grab your attention via whistles. Rockhouse takes the party up a notch at night when it turns into a rocking nightclub.

But the real appeal here is the aforementioned guitar cup. It can be filled up with your favorite iced-beverage or one of the beers on tap. The strap makes it ideal to carry your drink proudly around the Strip and the included straw ensures that you won’t go thirsty no matter the temperature.

Yard House
More than 200 beers on tap. Need we say more?

OK, we know that’s more than enough reason to visit Yard House at Town Square but we’ll throw in a few more things.

Along with the accompanying 200-plus beers on tap, which come from Las Vegas to Portland to Australia and everywhere in between, there is a book that describes each one of them. The bartenders tend to be well-versed in all of them, but occasionally details may slip their mind. This book is essentially the Yard House bible, where each beer comes from and what you should expect to taste.

Yard House also has some of the best food you’ll find at Town Square. So come for the beer and stay for the food — or more beer.

The Pub

You won’t find more beers on tap in the heart of the Strip than you’ll find at The Pub at Monte Carlo.

More than 50 beers are ready to fill tourists’ cups on any given day with everything from your run-of-the-mill domestics like Budweiser to The Pub’s own microbrew.

To add to its commitment to beer, The Pub has put the hops and barely beverage in center stage with its own beer wall. More than 50 kegs tower up to the ceiling with lights highlighting the many different flavors in The Pub’s arsenal.

Additionally, The Pub features the Draft Master Table, which gives patrons control of pouring their own drinks. The table fits up to 10 people, features Guinness and another drink (usually of your choice if you call ahead) and is the perfect addition to watching a sporting event at The Pub.

"Peepshow" star Holly Madison, left, toasts with Peter Gagnon, Las Vegas World Beer Festival organizer, at a media-sneek peek on May 25 at Bally's.

"Peepshow" star Holly Madison, left, toasts with Peter Gagnon, Las Vegas World Beer Festival organizer, at a media-sneek peek on May 25 at Bally's.

Las Vegas World Beer Fest
Las Vegas. World. Beer. Fest. Those words are enough for most beer-swigging revelers, but when you add in a few key numbers to the upcoming Las Vegas Beer Fest you will think you’ve had some kind of “Field of Dreams” moment as you ask “Is this Heaven?” The answer, in the same vein as Ray Kinsella, is: It’s Las Vegas.

“I’m in the entertainment business and this is the entertainment city so it was very easy for us to choose that,” said festival organizer Patrick Gagnon. “No other beer festival happens like this in Las Vegas so I think Las Vegas must have a yearlong beer festival.”

The Las Vegas World Beer Fest will make its home in the back parking lot at Bally’s beginning Oct. 13 bringing more than 500 beers every Thursday-Sunday for the next year (yes, 365 days). Guests pay a $10 entry fee and pay for drinks via coupons, which are available in varying packages starting at $1.25 each. Vendors determine the number of coupons each beer costs.

Additionally, live bands will play on a stage and vendors will sell beer paraphernalia.

If a year isn’t long enough, Gagnon said if the event is successful he would like it continue “forever.”


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