Pick your Vegas pool club

We’ve each got our own style and personality. Some of us are reserved and enjoy quiet relaxation. And some of us are extroverts who get jealous of puppies for all the attention they get. Stop playing with puppies and look over here. Our personal styles mean a lot when it comes to choosing a pool club. Some are restful. A few are stressful if you’re bothered by crowds. But they’re all fun as hell. So read through the list and decide what kind of person you are, so you’ll know which pool club is right for you.

Ever stare through a window at some delicious looking cakes? That’s what you are to this shark. You are cake. Photo courtesy of Golden Nugget.

Hotel pool

Personality type: Pleasure seeker who savors human interaction instead of gorging on it
You want to feel like a guest wherever you go. You want to be pampered and taken care of like you’re the most important person that random pool employee has ever seen. But you also want music, drinks and fun. Hotel pool clubs employ experts in the spoiling sciences who give you the club you crave and the relaxing pool experience you’ll actually remember once the booze wears off. Golden Nugget’s Tank pool is a beautiful space with a water slide that extends through the shark tank, just in case your Vegas dream is to flip off a shark from a water slide. For a more adult experience, the Hideout Pool looks over the Tank and offers drinks and music. Other options include the Palms Pool, especially during its Ditch Fridays parties, and Flamingo’s Go Pool has waterfalls and palm trees to give you the true oasis feel.

This view is why we have day clubs, so you can actually see all those lowly peasants you’re better than. Be firm yet merciful in your lording. Photo courtesy of Drai’s Beach Club.


Personality type: Party monster with jet lag who will have so much fun by 8 p.m. they’ll pass out grinning
You’ve convinced yourself that you’re going to keep partying right through until the opening of the nightclub. You won’t, but we’ll let you go on believing. You want to live out your Vegas club fantasies, but you want to do it in a place where the sun is the reason you’re constantly squinting. We understand. You’ve merely adopted the scorching light. We were born into it, molded by it. *cough* Sorry, our voice went weird for a second there. Wet Republic is one of the hottest clubs of any kind in town. Huge name DJs like Calvin Harris make it their home. They can make it through to the nightclub because they’re being paid insane amounts of money to do so. Marquee at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas covers the inside/outside atmosphere flawlessly, giving you gambling, entertainment and personal hot tubs for a price. And Drai’s has cabanas with outstanding views and a cute, air-conditioned bar area that surprisingly isn’t constantly overcrowded.

If you’ve ever thought, “I’d like to beach club, but how do I beach club?” This. This is how we beach club. Photo courtesy of Encore Beach Club.

Beach Club

Personality type: Sun-loving surfer at heart whose skin is now 70 percent sunscreen
You know you’re getting sun anywhere, but you also want to see signs of life and nature around you—and you don’t mind casually throwing the term “beach” around pretty loosely to get it. You don’t need the ocean to make a beach party. You don’t even really need sand. All you need from a club is a dedication to layout and splendor—and the ability to not really fit into our other rather arbitrary categories. Encore Beach Club pulls together Wynn’s commitment to excellent nightlife and their acceptance that nights eventually have to end. The pool space is expansive and connects to Surrender Nightclub. Beach LiFE at SLS may be the least beachy on this list, in terms of plant life and all the criteria we set at the beginning, but its secluded nature still makes it feel like a lagoon you’ve stumbled upon while looking for a place to party. And Rehab at Hard Rock Hotel needs little introduction. The seasonal party often makes the season by showing how Vegas can rock out with only our swimsuits covering what would otherwise be totally and inappropriately out. Speaking of…

The main level and bar at Bare Pool Lounge

The main level and bar at Bare Pool Lounge (photo courtesy of MGM Resorts International)


Personality type: Boobs
You don’t want to bother with our usual ramblings. You don’t want us to go on and on with pointless drivel that’s probably more amusing to us than anyone else. You just want us to tell you where the topless pool clubs are. And you’re even getting a little impatient. We like you. So we’ll tell you. We’ll tell you when we’re good and ready to tell you, which happens to be now because we want to go to the topless pool clubs too. Moorea Beach Club is a magnificent and private space near enough to the beach that you’ll feel the crisp air but private enough to not worry about peeping Daves. (Yeah. We’re calling you out, Dave. We know that was you.) Bare at Mirage is even more secluded thanks to its special entrance through the shops. You can use that path to buy a cute new bikini top that’ll look great on the back of your lounge chair. And Naked at Artisan is only half ironic. You can’t go full nude, but since the entire Artisan hotel is 21+, you can feel free to pop off the top and enjoy yourself around the pool.

Drinkers inside, everyone else outside. You can decide for yourselves which side is the bad influence. Photo courtesy of Foxtail.

18 and up

Personality type: 1) College Sophomore who can’t wait any longer to get into pool clubs 2) College Graduate and working professional who wants to party near, but not necessarily with, college sophomores 
You may not be able to get into other pool clubs. You also might just want to hang around some 19-year-olds because that’s the age group that most appreciates your humor. Or maybe you just want to check out one of the hottest new pool clubs in Las Vegas. On Thursday, April 16, Foxtail at SLS will be hosting its RVLTN Pool Party starting at 8 p.m. This will be an 18+ event, which is pretty unique for a town known for its boozing. Guests between 18 and 20 will be allowed entry, but only 21+ guests will be allowed to drink, and only inside the fabulous Foxtail nightclub. Even if you don’t make it out to this specific event, get to Foxtail Pool Club when you can. The space is spectacular and vast. It’s sure to be a high point of the summer for SLS and Las Vegas.

The brightness of Temptation Sundays. Photo courtesy of Luxor and Temptation Sundays.


Personality type: Anyone who’s ever uttered the phrase, “Hey, girl, hey!”
You don’t like people bowing to stereotypes. But you’ve also lost count of how many times you’ve said, “Hey, girl, hey!” It’s OK. We’ve all said it. And we’re all sorry. But we can all make it up to each other by heading out to the hottest LGBTQ pool party in Las Vegas. Returning in mid-May, Temptation Sunday at Luxor is the place to be if you’re any shade of rainbow and your identity doesn’t happen to intersect with any sort of vampirism. The pool is huge and the place lights up with activity each week. And it’s full of plenty of eye candy, no matter who you prefer to look at.


I came from a little town in the Midwest. And believe me, I’m never going back. It’s probably nice if you love grass and snow; but I love the lights, the glamour, and the flocks of tourists seeking fun and fortune. Once the sun goes down, I’ll be the first one out hitting the clubs or just wandering the Strip for a little nighttime adventure. Passing through Bond on my way to Lily Bar, or taking a shortcut through Double Helix before landing at Parasol Up/Down, I’m the one you’ll randomly bump into – only sometimes literally – strolling through Sin City’s liquored veins – and loving every minute of it.