Pauly D takes on turntables, critics

Reality TV star Pauly D spins at Rain Nightclub inside the Palms on June 24. Photo by Joe Fury.

Reality TV star Pauly D spins at Rain Nightclub inside the Palms on June 24. Photo by Joe Fury.

Love it or hate it, MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” and its cast of greasy haired, muscle-bound Guidos and curvaceous, emotionally-charged Guidettes have become a cultural phenomena that have influenced our clothing, language and views of the young Italian demographic — for better or worse.

The hard-partying bunch has taken over the likes of Seaside, N.J., Miami and now, in its fourth season, Italy. But while the show hasn’t filmed in Las Vegas, the cast can often be found hosting or celebrating a birthday at one of our many nightclubs or pools between seasons.

Pauly D, whose real name is Paul DelVecchio, doesn’t just want to creep and avoid stalkers at Vegas nightclubs. He wants to entertain you at them.

The tattooed reality star, complete with his famed blowout hairdo, is set to spin for revelers at the Palms, at Rain, Moon and Ditch Fridays, for at least the next year. Of course, that’s when he’s not filming “Jersey Shore,” or touring with Britney Spears.

“It’s been a dream of mine my whole entire life,” said Pauly D, who returns to Palms Aug. 13 for Playboy’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. “I’ve been DJing ever since I was 14 years old and I always wanted to DJ in Las Vegas. I wanted to follow in DJ AM’s footsteps. It’s always been a dream of mine, now I’m living that dream. So it’s crazy.”

Pauly D showed his DJing chops several times on the show but he isn’t another pseudo-celebrity who tried his hand on the turntables. He cut his teeth in his hometown of Providence, R.I.

“I would DJ local parties and kill it, then I would do some school events, kill those,” Pauly D said. “Then I got my in at a club once, it was at Renaissance in Providence, Rhode Island and it was all word of mouth after that. So I did a Friday night over there and it was like the busiest night they ever had and I killed and the other clubs heard that. So I picked up another club after that, another club after that, another club after that. Before I knew it I had six nights a week in Rhode Island. That’s what I was doing, I was selling cars by daytime and DJing by nighttime.”

Pauly D played Vegas for the first time last year when the Palms let him take over the turntables. That performance translated into a full-time gig. Pauly D made his residency debut June 24-25 when he rocked three shows in two days beginning with a capacity crowd at Ditch Fridays.

He played at Rain that night and Moon the next night, which coincided with Shaquille O’Neil’s retirement party.

The three venues couldn’t be more different in musical genres but Pauly D is used to a diverse musical selection.

“In Rhode Island when I was DJing at those six different clubs, six nights a week, they were all different venues,” Pauly D said. “So one was literally all reggaeton all night, one was like rock, one was like hip hop, one was house and I wanted to play hip hop at those house clubs and make them like it so that was my job, I wanted to make everyone like different kinds of music. So I was doing that for years and I got the hang of doing that and I found like a knack, a way to do it, so I made that like my format, open format, and I wanted to bring that to Las Vegas. So (my style) kind of caters to everybody.”

Despite his lack of big-time performances, Pauly D found himself named the No. 8 DJ in the America’s Best DJ poll. The ranking came much to the chagrin of a few other prominent DJs who thought he hadn’t earned the distinction. Pauly D, though, hopes to reform those opinions with this residency.

“For me the ‘Jersey Shore’ opened the doors, it gave me a huge audience,” Pauly D said. “I’ve been DJing my whole entire life, a lot of DJs don’t know that. They think I was a DJ just because of the show, no show gave me this audience. So now, literally I came to Las Vegas, I had to prove myself. They gave me that one shot and I did my thing, I proved myself and they recognized that and gave me this residency. Now they don’t just give a residency to anybody, you have to be good. So hopefully the other DJs will realize that, maybe come to one of my shows and see that I’m passionate and that I’m good at what I do and that I’m a talented DJ, not a reality show DJ.”

He will, though, be a DJ with a reality show. Pauly D, along with JWOWW and Snooki, will get his own spinoff show that will center around his life as a DJ.


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  1. Bryan at 2:07 am

    Pauly D is the man and is a pretty good Dj. “Beat That”
    I hope he will have a long lived career here in Las Vegas.