Nightlife comes alive before dark in Vegas

If you walk through the Palms on a weekend afternoon, you might see a long line of people forming behind a velvet rope. Even though the sun is high and shining brightly, they’re all waiting to get into the off-Strip resort’s popular 55th-floor nightclub Ghostbar – or rather its daytime alter ego, Ghostbar Dayclub (aka GBDC).

GBDC at the Palms

Busting a piñata is part of Ghostbar Dayclub’s signature fun

GBDC launched its third season in late October. The weekly event is held every Saturday from 1 – 6 p.m.

Try to imagine GBDC as Las Vegas’ nightlife scene reversed. For instance, once you get inside, you’ll notice things like neon-colored fabric draped from the floor-to-ceiling windows and multi-hued lingerie hanging from the chandeliers. A young man in a top hat runs around with a whistle coaxing bystanders to dance. The DJ can often be heard shouting, “Let’s drink, drink, drink!” to a group of guys guzzling beers. And there is a whole lot of confetti on the floor.

“Party goers can expect an even bigger and better daytime party with lots of beer bongs, group shot skis, piñata poppin’ and more,” said Chuck Oliverio, general manager and vice president of 9Group, the company that owns and operates Ghostbar.

This is good news, especially considering that pool club season in Sin City has come and gone. Now hard-core carousers won’t have to wait for fall and winter to pass before they can find some hot daylight action. Leading the cold-weather afternoon party tradition, GBDC has all the debauchery of sexy summertime – just moved indoors.

“We’ve kicked off season three of GBDC in Ghostbar’s freshly remodeled room,” said Oliverio of the long-established nightclub’s recently completed head-to-toe makeover that was part of a $50 million property-wide renovation at the Palms.

The atmosphere at GBDC

Confetti is always raining down on party goers at GBDC

The vibe at Ghostbar has always been swanky, but now it’s gone up a notch to become super stylish and sophisticated. The décor features plush black banquettes and white porcelain tile flooring. There are several 47-inch flat-screen TVs displaying eye-catching graphics and social media feeds located behind the bar, which also boasts an exclusive menu of rosé Champagne handcrafted cocktails.

Of course, GBDC hasn’t just attracted a loyal following because of its classy atmosphere. Oliverio credits the staff, which is “full of energy and amped to have a good time.” One look at the go-go dancers gyrating atop the speakers that surround the DJ booth is proof of this – as they ensure the crowd is always entertained.

“Expect the unexpected at GBDC. Surprise is a big element. Special guests and performances, you never know who is going to come crash the party,” said Oliverio, adding that GBDC is the perfect place to celebrate birthdays and other momentous occasions.

Lavo's Champagne Party Brunch

The atmosphere at Lavo's Champagne Party Brunch (courtesy of Al Powers/Powers Imagery)

Not only are there fun party favors and whimsical games, but the scantily clad servers will also bring out scorecards that spell out the honoree’s name for a touch of personalization.

“We have even more over-the-top themed costume parties planned this season, all of which coincide with holidays and big events,” explained Oliverio.

Among the unique themes are the Mad Hatter Tea Party on Nov. 16 and Here Kitty Kitty on Dec. 7. For the holidays, you can make merry at the Tryptophan Twerk Off (Nov. 30), That’s an Ugly Sweater, But It Looks Good on You (Dec. 21) and the New Year’s Edition Balloon Party (Jan. 4). And don’t worry about what to wear. Everything – even a swimsuit – is acceptable.

“We always encourage our guests to dress up in playful costumes, which is why our themed parties have become so popular. GBDC is all about letting loose and having fun,” said Oliverio. “The dress code for this party is a lot more casual and approachable compared to the typical nightclub setting.”

Like GBDC, you’ll find the same boozy attitude on Saturday afternoons at Lavo. Just last month, the upscale and intimate Italian restaurant and nightclub located inside The Palazzo debuted its third season of the Party Brunch. Offered from 2 – 6 p.m., this signature event blends decadent food with a vast selection of Champagne (featuring big bottles – from double magnums to Balthazar and Nebuchadnezzar sizes!) and the sounds of European house music.

Lavo's almond-crusted French toast

Spend the afternoon gorging on things like almond-crusted French toast at Lavo's Champagne Party Brunch

Tao Group pioneered this wild afternoon affair – transforming what’s basically a sluggish midday meal into an orgy of indulgence – at Lavo’s sister location in New York City- and it has been a natural fit in Vegas since being introduced in 2011.

So what can you expect? There will be a delicious brunch-style menu to order from. Guests can savor the sweetness of items like almond-crusted French toast, lemon ricotta waffles and white polenta pancakes with Nutella butter or enjoy more traditional breakfast favorites like classically prepared eggs Benedict. Of course, in addition to Champagne, alcohol reigns supreme here. DJ Lema is ordinarily behind the turntables, and there will be recurring explosions of neon confetti showers complementing the blaring music – so prepare yourself to let loose and dance on chairs or tabletops.

Both GBDC and Lavo’s Champagne Party Brunch are wonderful ways to liven up the middle of your Saturday afternoon in Vegas – or you could just think of them as pre-parties before you go out to party at night!


I’m a Las Vegas native. By profession, I write at Mostly about the city’s hotels, but on other topics – gaming and transportation – too. I really love staying at hotels. And the ones here are among the biggest and best in the world. Some key things I’ve learned: Resort fees are inescapable (frustrating but true), a friendly attitude at the front desk may score you a great view and over-the-top room amenities – bath butlers, Japanese tea service, menus with “intimate” items – do exist. What else should you know about me? Well, I’m comfortable at a blackjack table. And I like eating late-night pancakes in hotel coffee shops. A lot. Follow Renee on Google+.