Nightclub quiz: pass the time in line!


So, you got stuck waiting in line at a club, eh? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. And sometimes you don’t want to talk to the people you’re with or they don’t want to talk to you or you’re having really bad luck with BrickBreaker that day or you really like trivia. Whatever it is, you need some way to pass the time.

How about a rousing game of Vegas nightclub trivia? Now, this isn’t some crazy, esoteric thing where you need to know how much the biggest Buddha statue inside Tao weighs (answer: uh, a lot). Instead, with just a working knowledge of Sin City’s clubs or, at the very least, a familiarity with our nightclubs page, you can probably play along.

It’s not the longest quiz in the world, but the answers require a little thought. Pencils ready?

And go!

(All answers are based on the current list of clubs on this page. You can see all those answers at the bottom of this post.)

1.) How many clubs have accents on their names?
2.) How many clubs start with the letter E?
3.) Which club’s name is a synonym for covet, but spelled different?
4.) Which club is also a fruit?
5.) Another way to say this club’s name would be “Unused Area.”
6.) Which two clubs share the same first word?
7.) Which two clubs share the same first word, but spelled differently?
8.) Name the two airport/airplane related clubs.
9.) If you’re building something, you’d want to build it on this club.
10.) Which two clubs have feline ties?

You could’ve avoided that line (and the ensuing wait) with front-of-the-line passes, we’re just saying. But if you got stuck, here are the answers:

1.) Four, Déjà Vu Erotic Ultralounge, Privé, Risqué, Tabú.
2.) One, Eve.
3.) Krave.
4.) Cherry.
5.) Wasted Space.
6.) Gold Diggers and Gold Lounge.
7.) Rok and Rockhouse.
8.) LAX and JET.
9.) Foundation Room.
10.) CatHouse and Pussycat Dolls Lounge.