New Year’s: It’s closer than you think.

Here they come, faster than you can keep up with — end-of-the-year holidays!

Thanksgiving is here, Christmas is around the corner and then — bam! — it’s New Year’s Eve.
If you don’t get a jump on it now, you’ll probably spend it sitting on your old couch, swilling from a bottle of the cheapest champagne you could find and maybe sobbing quietly to yourself as happy people on TV hoot, holler and kiss each other.

Wouldn’t you rather be one of the happy people?

We thought so.

Plus, who’s happier than party people in Vegas? No one.

So, without further delay, we present some of what we know about Sin City and this New Year’s. For more information, as it comes in, bookmark this page and check back often.

Christian Audigier the Nightclub, hosted by Shwayze, from $50.

Pure, hosted by 50 Cent, from $125.

LAX, hosted by Black Eyed Peas, from $150.
Coyote Ugly, from $40.

VooDoo Lounge, from $50.

Eve, hosted by Eva Longoria Parker, from $150. (Also the club’s grand opening!)

There’s also news from Tao, Lavo and many, many other clubs on the way!