Minus5 puts Vegas heat on ice

Minus5If you’ve tried walking down the Strip, even a relatively short distance, like say from the Mirage to TI, you know the Vegas heat can be unrelenting. We have all longed for the day that the city decides to install misters along Las Vegas Boulevard.

But, we’re still waiting for that one.

Even when you do get a break from the sun, it is usually in a place where the combined body heat of a few thousand people makes the room feel like the sun itself. The good news, though, is that you don’t have to swear of Vegas between May and September.

For those of you that have had the chance to experience Minus5 at Mandalay Bay, you know that there is no other way to escape from the heat but with a good hour inside of an iced-out room while sipping on vodka out of an ice glass. Well, starting at the end of August you will have one more Strip destination where you can regain your normal body temperature. Minus5 will open a second Vegas location with this one going to the Monte Carlo and just steps off the busiest part of the Strip.

“To have an ice bar in the middle of the Mojave Desert is an amazing thing, especially when it is 115 degrees outside,” said Noel Bowman, Minus5 director of operations. “People come in from the pools, people come in from the Strip and they’re completely worn out. Most people stay in about 45 minutes to an hour – and you can stay longer. A lot of the comments that we hear on the way out is, ‘Completely refreshed. I feel so much better, we’re ready to go again.’”

The newest location isn’t quite done yet, but we got a sneak peek of the work they’ve put in so far. What we got out of it was that this location is slightly bigger (it holds about 120 versus 90 at Mandalay) and there is an outstanding ice sculpture of Mt. Rushmore.

The bricks of ice that are imported from Canada (apparently they have better ice, eh?) weigh about 1,000 pounds each and when they are done there will be about 30 tons of ice in Minus5. And although the room wasn’t completely filled with ice when we walked through, it surprisingly wasn’t all that cold yet.

But trust us, by the time the room is filled with ice and you’re sipping some ice-cold vodka you’ll never be more thankful for wearing a coat in Vegas, even if it is 115 degrees outside.