Marquee Dayclub the perfect place to chill or be thrilled

Kaskade rocks at Marquee Dayclub on Sundays.

I asked Dimitri Mitropoulos to describe Marquee Dayclub in three words. He picked: “energy,” “excitement,” “relaxation.”

Mitropoulos is the assistant general manager at the dayclub. He says it provides people a chance to “let loose” and a place to be amazed.

Asked to describe a moment that encapsulates the club’s atmosphere, he replays the moment when a DJ appears on stage and the crowd thrills to the first sounds of the music they’ve been waiting for.

“The excitement and the buildup of when the DJ is coming on — Everybody is standing at the DJ booth waiting for it,” he says. “And once the beat drops … the crowd [erupts]. People [are] splashing water everywhere.”

“There’s an aura of anticipation,” Mitropoulos says. “What’s going to happen next? What’s going to happen next?”

You’ll enter Marquee Dayclub through a dimly lit hallway. Check in at the desk on the casino level and you’ll be let past the velvet rope and welcomed by a host. You’ll step into a mirrored elevator bathed in red light. Watch the candles on the back wall light as you ascend to the 17th floor. Take a few more steps and climb the stairs to the rooftop, and take in the wonder of this poolside paradise.

Rows of daybeds and lounge chairs stretch out between palm trees on either side of the main pool. More daybeds line the north and the edges come right up to the water so you could dangle your feet or rest your arms while you relax in the cool waves.

Beyond the main pool, in an alcove in the shade of The Cosmopolitan, is a second watery paradise. A semicircular waterfall pours into a small pool, where daybeds with translucent curtains stand on stilts in the shallows.

Eight grand cabanas made of dark wood and decorated in navy, coral and white flank the club on raised platforms to the north and south. Each is outfitted with two loveseats and a central table, made of dark wicker. Each hideaway is also equipped with a TV, a safe and a refrigerator stocked with complimentary non-alcoholic beverages like fruit juices and coconut waters. In front of your cabana is a private infinity hot tub, heated to the perfect temperature. Ten more cabanas line the other side of the venue.

On the east end of the pool club, closest to the entrance, is the café and bar, where Marquee serves up fine foods and tasty thirst quenchers and sweet treats. We kept cool with berry drinks, including the best Miami Vice we’d ever tasted and enjoyed flavorful artisan pizza and creamy, not-too-sweet frozen yogurt.

Mitropoulos recommends the Fish Bowl — a big-sized drink he says the bartenders love to make.

“When you’re in Vegas, you always want the biggest and the best,” he says.

And he picks the salmon sandwich as his favorite food on the menu.

On weekdays, Marquee Dayclub is a calm, relaxing retreat. (There’s no cover Monday – Thursday.) On weekends, it’s a rockin’ romp.

Mitropoulos describes the weekend atmosphere as “a nighttime party during the day.”

DJs like Avicii, EDX, Keidy and Cosmic Gate keep the beat pumpin’ so you can party all day. The dayclub  opens at 10 a.m. and closes around 6 p.m., so you can take a nap, change into something fabulous and take your look from beachy to bombshell in time to hit Marquee Nightclub.

The vibe changes throughout the day, guided by the music and the mood on deck.

“We start off in the morning with progressive house music to lighten it up,” Mitropoulos says, “and then as the day goes on, it gets more into it [with] commercial house and big DJs come, and it creates that pool party essence of people getting wild.”

Mitropoulous says that the energy of anticipation is his favorite thing about Marquee Dayclub.

“There’s always something that’s going to happen and wow you, no matter what,” he says. “Any time of day.”