Light Group, Cirque du Soleil and Mandalay Bay let there be ‘Light’

Light Group and Cirque du Soleil team up for Light.

Light Group is bringing back a name from their past while looking to the future of nightlife.

Light, a collaboration with Cirque du Soleil, is coming to Mandalay Bay in March 2013, adding a “chic, fashion-forward” 38,000-square-foot venue to the resort.

If you have good memory, you might recall a previous club called Light in the Bellagio, which closed in 2007 (ancient history in nightclub terms). But a lot has changed since then, with dining and supper clubs as seen at Bagatelle and Botero/Surrender, bigger multiroom venues like Marquee and interactive nightlife experiences like The Act quickly becoming what Las Vegas clubgoers expect.

The new Light sounds like it will live up to the new standards, featuring Cirque-level production and theatrics, along with world-renowned DJs and performers. Light is likely to add some unique flavor to the Vegas nightlife landscape.

“The nightclub will serve as a laboratory, very much like our special events and projects have done in the past, for different and new artistic possibilities,” said Guy Laliberté founder of Cirque du Soleil in an announcement issued today.

Performance elements and visuals will be a big part of Light, with video, lighting, sound and special effects by Moment Factory, in addition to costumed performers and choreography that should make every night a bit different.

“The DJs and performers who have come to work with us all have such high artistic aspirations, and to be able to try this in a space as iconic as Mandalay Bay I hope will be the beginning of many adventures with Cirque du Soleil and The Light Group.” said long-time music industry pro and Swedish House Mafia manager Amy Thomson. “It will be a melting pot of ideas and the focus is equally spread across music, the experience and the crowd.”

The list of DJs and performers at Light will be posted soon on the club’s official website.