Latest XIV Vegas Sessions is a sweet sensation

The March edition of XIV Vegas Sessions transformed Hyde Bellagio into something different.

Hyde Bellagio is transforming into “Candy Carnival” this Sunday when the latest XIV Vegas Sessions party hits the popular Bellagio nightlife spot starting Sunday at 5 p.m.

“We figured we could re-create the XIV [Summer Sessions] party and adjust it to the Vegas market slightly,” said Mio Danilovic, the Vice President of Operations for sbe entertainment group, Hyde’s operators. “We decorate the venue, and we encourage staff to come in outfits [that match the theme] and we just rotate different themes throughout the year.”

The XIV Summer Sessions got their start in Los Angeles, as a series of Sunday parties. The Vegas version, appropriately titled XIV Vegas Sessions, takes place monthly, with the Candy Carnival theme bringing a “magical world where lollipops cast shade, clusters of gumdrop bouquets blossom and champagne rains from the sky.” Guests can expect a backdrop European-style house music from DJs Chris Garcia, Zen Freeman and Julien Nolan that builds up throughout the night as the vibe gets more energetic.

“Candy Carnival is always a fun theme and I’m sure it’s going to be just as fun here in Vegas,” Danilovic said. “People come very early to this party and the eye takes a little bit … when they look at all the decorations, the staff, etc. There’s an indescribable energy to the party.”

According to Danilovic, the XIV Sessions recognition is enough to bring in partygoers from around the country who are familiar with LA’s version of the party.

“They’re very loyal customers of ours. It differs from other Vegas nights in that we are able to create the energy that’s on a completely different level than your typical club,” he said.

Next month’s theme is yet to be announced, but the series has been growing since its Vegas debut in January, with repeat guests turning into fans according to Danilovic. He expects the party to continue with unique themes for quite some time.

“[Guests] understand the party and are able to participate in a much more engaged manner, because now they know … what to expect from us,” he said.

“I just tell them to come early and come ready to party.”