Las Vegas gets some ‘Beachlife’ at Hard Rock Hotel


Rehab is back for its ninth season, but this year it's bringing a few friends.

Hard Rock Hotel has unleashed the new concept for its pool parties this season:  Beachlife.

“It’s more of a beach club now,” said Hard Rock Hotel Executive Director of Beverage Ian Kohoutek. “It’s a desert oasis to get away from The Strip, three areas with three different experiences.”

Hard Rock Beachlife features three pools and four parties. For pools, there’s the sprawling Paradise Beach (which has been home to Rehab all these years), the massive Nirvana Pool and the more spa-like Breathe Pool.

On top of these varied areas, Paradise Beach plays host to some very distinct parties this season: Summer Camp Fridays, Nectar Music Festival, Rehab, and Relax. Though these parties focus on the Paradise Beach area, you can access them all with admission to a party.

Relax, the industry pool party that takes place every Monday, continues into its fifth season, while Sunday’s Rehab party is in its ninth season. Summer Camp and Nectar are the new additions this year.

If you take Kohoutek’s word for it, the genesis of these new days was simple enough.

“Well, we have a couple of guys that sit in a room and think up fun stuff,” he joked. But they indeed sound like fun additions to the Las Vegas daylife landscape.

Summer Camp sells itself as a fun “adventure filled diversion” and escape, featuring bikini tug-of-war, water balloon fights and more — reminiscent of youthful days at summer camp, with a grown-up edge.

“It’s just a playground,” Kohoutek said.  “All the stuff you could do at summer camp, just think about that. It’s not about one style of music, it’s a fun environment.”

Saturday’s Nectar Music Festival, as the name implies, is going to be more music-heavy than its other counterparts on any given day.

“Some of our electronic music programmers came up with this festival style [in response to] the amount of DJs bought out by Wynn… basically ‘Why see one DJ when you can see five?'” Kohoutek said of the Saturday pool party.

Some of the announced Nectar lineups: Guru-Josh, Felix Cartal and Clockwork, Carlo Astuti, DJ BEEJ and RUN DMT, and on Memorial Day Weekend: Richard Beynon, Manuel De La Mare and DJ Kilmore of Incubus.

As you can expect from the infamous pool party, Rehab Sundays has a lot of big names coming up as well.

“We have a lot of good talent lined up this season, from Wyclef Jean to LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Sean Paul, Timbaland and then of course, our resident DJ Pauly D,” Kohoutek said.

Whether you’re there for Rehab or any of the other Beachlife events, you’ll have access to some plush amenities.

There’s the tropically-themed Palapa Bar & Grill’s libations and food, along with swim-up blackjack, as well as a water slide that will have the more adventurous guests splashing down into a pleasant beach area. More than 50 cabanas — located on multiple locations and levels throughout the Paradise Beach area are readily available and provide a great daylife VIP experience.

If you’re looking for an escape from the usual, this might just be it.