How to NOT ruin New Year’s

With any luck, you’re already counting down the days until you count down the seconds in Vegas (’til 2010, we mean).

If you’re among the masses that’ll ring in the new year in Sin City, there are a few things you should know, some common sense, some — not as much.

This isn’t comprehensive by any stretch, so if something’s not listed that doesn’t give you a free pass to do it (we’re looking at you, Dude Who Does Questionable Things When Drunk), but this should at least help keep you from screwing up the start of the next decade.

  • Double up on drinks. This doesn’t mean drink twice as much, it means, if you’re drinking a reasonable amount and you know your limits, that when you get drinks (after finally making it to the front of a bar), you might want to grab two. This is because crowds and lines are at an all-time high on New Year’s Eve and it’ll save you the aggravation. Once more: this does NOT mean drink more.
  • There are still laws. Yes, we know, you’re in Vegas, it’s cra-aaa-zy in Vegas, especially on New Year’s Eve. You still can’t commit crimes. Think about what you’re doing. Does it seem against the law to urinate on a street sign? If it seems like something the cops would have a problem with, it IS something the cops have a problem with.
  • Don’t get trapped. The Strip shuts down to traffic in the evening on New Year’s Eve. If in front of MGM Grand (and anywhere within walking distance of that) isn’t where you want to ring in the new year, get off the Strip before sundown.
  • Plan ahead. This isn’t any ordinary night in Vegas. A tip to the bouncer of the hottest club might not work, even if you go big. Booking a table or admission will save you a headache and keep you from looking lame in front of whoever you’re with.
  • Check the weather. Yes, it’s a desert here, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get cold. If the little number on your phone’s weather application is low, it will actually be cold, seriously. And if you’re going to stand out on the Strip in a tiny tank top and short skirt, you will be cold. Frost-bitten and sick isn’t a good way to greet Jan. 1.

We have so much wisdom to impart and so little time (that New Year’s outfit isn’t going to buy itself) that not everything worth mentioning is, well, mentioned. Keep an eye on the blog for more pro tips or check out the bottom of this page for even more sage advice.


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