How to keep it cool at Las Vegas CES 2015

You love consumer electronics. They’re your passion, maybe even your profession. So you’ve come to Las Vegas to see everything new and exciting at the Consumer Electronics Show. We won’t rehash all the exhibits or programs going on. You probably made your schedule months ago on the official app and are now just ticking things off the list. But this is Vegas, there’s a lot more to see and do than just wax electronic about consumers. So to make sure you have a memorable Vegas experience, and not just a memorable convention, here are some tips to put all your electronic consumerism to good use.

You'll probably get kicked out if you try to fly a drone around a nightclub, but people will think you're awesome. Photo courtesy of International CES 2014.

Don’t talk too much about new market flow redistribution conversion acquisition (that’s a thing, right?) at the club.

We know you’re excited to be here and excited to see all the fantastic new gadgets on the display floors. And showing off your tech savvy is sure to impress everyone. But keep it light and fun. Whether you’re checking out Nick Cannon at 1 OAK tonight, you’re in on the closing party at Tao on Friday or you’re lucky enough to be on the invite list for the Entrepreneurs Reception at Commonwealth, remember what people really love about consumer electronics (hint: it’s the electronics part). If you’ve been talking to consumers all day, use the night as a time to relax and enjoy some tech.

If you can't hold your liquor, maybe don't use something that seems like a double vision simulator. Photo courtesy of International CES 2014.

Don’t drink so much you can’t remember how to talk about new market flow redistribution conversion acquisition the next day.

All that previous stuff said, you are here for a tech conference, so be able to handle your excess. The night may be your time to cut loose and embrace Vegas, but the next day is always looming. If you’ve got time in the morning, try a hearty breakfast at Hash House a Go Go, some hangover soup from Hussong’s Cantina or the special hangover brunch at Bar + Bistro. We probably shouldn’t recommend any hair of the dog, but if you’re interested, Todd English P.U.B. has some delicious bloody marys. Just please don’t attempt to operate any sort of robot death machines after downing them.

If there's any way you can roll up to the valet in this car, aside from stealing it, do it. Then watch the valet attendant try to stay professional. Photo courtesy of International CES 2014.

Your convention badge is only a magic ticket at the actual events – but that doesn’t mean it can’t be cool everywhere.

Other than the official parties, most CES events are done by nine. That leaves plenty of time to get out and explore the Las Vegas Strip and find some craziness beyond the convention. If you’re getting out of the Las Vegas Convention Center, Paradise road has a variety of restaurants and night spots like Tacos and Beer. And SLS is just a short monorail ride away featuring exquisite dining like Cleo and Bazaar Meat as well as LiFE Nightclub and Sayers Club for all your partying needs. And if you’re at Venetian you’ve got Tao, The Grand Canal Shoppes and easy access to everything else on the Strip. We can’t always promise deals at unofficial venues, but it never hurts to flash your credentials and ask.

The snozberries sound like snozberries! Photo courtesy of International CES 2014.

Control yourself. Vegas has many temptations and you don’t want to give consumer electronics a bad name.

Or don’t. This is Vegas. We don’t really care what you do as long as you have fun. Sure, you’re like one out of the 160,000 people responsible for the reputation of CES attendees, but why not let the other 159,999 deal with the responsibility. You can just let go and prove how hard tech geeks can party! So when you’re sitting at McCarran International Airport, ready for your flight home, enjoying the free outlets and USB ports being installed around seats, bars and restaurants throughout Terminal 1 just for CES, we hope you’ll  have some thrilling Vegas memories to tweet, instagram, tumblr, Facebook, whisper and whatever other new platforms you hear about this week. #CES #Vegas



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