Hot off the presses: New clubs!


Say hello to Haze.

And so it begins. A new era in Sin City nightlife has taken hold, with not one, not two, not three, but FOUR new nightclubs open or opening within a month of each other.

In a city with so many clubs, this may seem like a drop in the bucket, but don’t be fooled. Just like every year’s new car models add some bells and whistles, so do clubs. Only heated seats are swapped for multimillion dollar, one-of-a-kind sound and lighting systems. (So, you know, it’s just a smidge different.)

What’s more, three of these clubs are housed inside the massive CityCenter complex (a revolution unto intself), so there’s really a home for nightlife in Vegas now. Or, at the very least, a place you can hit up and party at a bunch of different places until you finally collapse into your hotel bed.

Here’s a rundown of what’s new in the Sin City Scene. (Sin City nightclub Scene just doesn’t flow as well):

  • Haze at Aria opens New Year’s Eve with a massive light wall and a sound/lighting speaker system controlled in full view from the center-club DJ booth. These controls can literally change the atmosphere of the club, lighting things up, or even, in the case of metal rig-like contraptions hung above the dance floor, making the place move.
  • Eve at The Crystals in CityCenter also opens New Year’s Eve, with partner/owner Eva Longoria Parker doing hosting duties. The club, which sits atop Parker’s restaurant Beso, has some amazing views (Through actual windows! In a club!) of the CityCenter complex.
  • Gold Lounge at Aria is already in full effect. It’s Elvis’ Graceland meets Las Vegas nightclub, so think less kitsch, more hip (that …sort of rhymes, right?). With a stallion lamp and monkey detailing, plus a drink menu that recalls The King himself (Blue Suede Shoes anybody?) it’s not hard to imagine you’re reaching Presley levels of party. Which, as we understand it, is pretty good.
  • Vanity at Hard Rock Hotel rounds out the New Year’s pack with a theme that could not be more about you. We’re serious — mirrored surfaces, manicurists and make up attendants in the bathroom, it’s all about you. Plus, it’s the Hard Rock, so nightlife veterans in town know to expect good things. And if you’re not a nightlife veteran? Expect good things anyway.