Fusion is in fashion at Tao Beach

Tao Beach, tucked between Venetian and Palazzo in the midst of the larger pool area’s labyrinth of arbors, offers European luxury with an Asian twist.

Decked in orange, brown and white, the space teems with intrigue. Whether you seek out sun or shade, drink whiskey or wine or go topless or covered, you’ll find satisfaction in every nook and cranny at the this secluded spot.

“Whenever you have that intimacy, you are able to create a lot better energy,” said Tao Group’s Michael Snedegar.

On Monday – Thursday, Tao Beach is a relaxing retreat that attracts locals and tourists of all different stripes.

“We get such a good mix of people,” Snedegar said. “We get the younger kids. We get the spring break kids. A lot of our cabana customers are more in the 30s range. Sometimes the 40s.”

On weekends, the dayclub kicks the party up a notch, and the partiers take control.

In its sixth season this year,  the venue is one of Las Vegas’ most established pool clubs so word has gotten around that it’s a great place to be.

Snedegar said that the venue’s flair for fusion contributes to the fun.

“People come in from all those random places and those small towns,” he said, “and they go back and say, ‘We went to Tao Beach, and it was crazy.’ ”

The central pool is surrounded by lounge chairs and daybeds, where beauties sunbathe and friends gather for a good time. In the water, partiers toss around the dayclub’s signature orange-and-white beach balls.

Couch-style daybeds with orange valance awnings line the perimeter of the main area and set off the outer ring of cabanas, where guests can relish the club’s upbeat feel and the DJ’s house and hip-hop while staying tucked away in an exclusive space.

A second, smaller pool, with an elegant waterfall, is tucked in the corner of the dayclub, next to the bar. In the shade between the cabanas and the Palazzo tower, it’s a quiet escape.

If lunch is part of your plan, Tao Beach offers a menu of small and large plates that show off its Asian inspiration. We tried new tastes with the spicy Udon noodle salad with yuzu soy vinaigrette, with a side of papaya slaw. We balanced our adventurous tasting with a sampler of staples: the trio of sushi rolls (a spicy tuna roll, a California roll and a roll with cucumber, avocade and asparagus).

The Tao Beach servers are proud of their signature drink, the Poolside — and for good reason. Made with champagne and specialty vodka, the Poolside is as delicious as it is refreshing.

The bar’s blended drinks were among our favorite treats, and we were impressed with the bartender’s just-right margarita.

Tao Beach also serves up brunch every Sunday.

“We’re trying to offer an alternative for somebody who might not be into a huge EDM DJ and doesn’t want a mega-pool but they still want to have that daytime experience in Vegas,” Snedegar said.

Every day of the week, Tao Beach’s smaller quarters cater to the dayclub-goer who wants to kick back as well as party down.