EDC Las Vegas VIP 4 U+ME

EDC is an experience all itself. Unless you grew up in a strobe light factory that played “Heaven Scent” at bedtime, EDC probably feels like a totally unique landscape. But the average owl only sees the party from the ground. That sounds like some profound metaphor, but it’s just a way of saying the VIP experience at EDC is way more intense than GA.

Hey editor, can we get a ball pit in the office? It would really increase productivity or something. Photo courtesy of Insomniac and Jake West.

Hey editor, can we get a ball pit in the office? It would really increase productivity or something. Photo courtesy of Insomniac and Jake West.

Start it all off with dedicated entry. Forget that shockingly huge line to get in. VIPs get their own entry where you can mingle with other VIPs in a slightly less shocking line. Once you get inside, the entire experience is set up for you. Everything you could need is there.

  • Gourmet food options including shaved ice, coffee and juice bars
  • Water refill station and chill zones
  • Beauty bars and body painting
  • A MF ball pit
  • Kandi bracelet station
  • Private air-conditioned bathrooms

We’re going to go ahead and repeat that one – Private. Air-conditioned. Bathrooms. That’s worth the ticket price right there. Being a VIP at EDC means turning a trek around a track into a pumped up pampering. But that’s just the stuff that’ll keep you cozy. Let’s take a look at what you’ll see.

Let's see McDonald's ball pit match that view. Photo courtesy of aLIVE for Insomniac.

Let’s see McDonald’s ball pit match that view. Photo courtesy of Insomniac.

VIP Headliners get elevated viewing decks all to themselves. Some have stellar views of the crowds and their insanity, and some spots even let you look behind the decks. You’ll also have access to VIP dance areas and a freaking Ferris wheel. Actually the Ferris wheel is a total professional and doesn’t freak out at all. But you will when you see that view.

Action is everywhere at EDC and VIPs get even more of it. You’ll have access to giveaways, games, scavenger hunts, Instragram challenges, interactive photo booths and way more. If you were at EDC previously and thought, “Meh, I did everything there was to do,” then first off, you’re wrong, and secondly get your VIP tickets. You won’t know what to do next; you’ll just know you need to try it all.

Be sure to watch our EDC Las Vegas page for more updates, and get your tickets soon. And have some more pictures, because pictures almost do it justice. All photos courtesy of Alonzo Wright and Vegas.com.


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