Bingo for those who live dangerously

Underground Rebel Bingo Club plays by its own rules.

Underground Rebel Bingo Club plays by its own rules.

There’s nothing like a nice, orderly game of bingo, right?

Doughnuts and warm cocoa. Daubers and scorecards. All that quaint bingo lingo… and of course, saying “Bingo!” when you win. (but not too loudly, goodness, you might startle somebody)

If that sounds like your scene, then the Underground Rebel Bingo Club is not for you.

Part tricked-out bingo game, part performance art and part dance party, the Underground Rebel Bingo Club is a totally unorthodox nightlife experience. The night opens with what seems like an innocent enough presentation on safety, but soon its true nature is revealed; this night isn’t about living safely… it’s about living dangerously! It erupts into a rowdy, raunchy round of “Rebel Bingo” and turns into an all-night party.

This isn’t your quaint, everyday round of bingo. This is bingo gone punk rock. This is bingo from the bad part of town. This is extreme bingo. This is… well, you get the idea.

Oh, and there are prizes. And loud music. And dancing. And swearing. They might just be on to something when they say “Rebel Bingo is dangerous and addictive.” Perfect for rebels looking for an alternative that doesn’t quite fall into the usual Vegas niche – if you can handle some extreme bingo, because this ain’t for the faint of heart.

Perhaps I’ve already said too much…

Underground Rebel Bingo Club goes down Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in the Las Vegas Hilton, but don’t tell anyone that we told you.