Bagatelle brings an intriguing mix of amenities to Las Vegas

Bagatelle's Supper Club

The ONE Group, the people behind STK in The Cosmopolitan, are at it again in Las Vegas, and this time they’re bringing some international flair to the Tropicana.

The Bagatelle restaurant brand that debuted in New York City in 2008 is making its way to the Tropicana in August 2012. Inspired by southern France and the Mediterranean, Bagatelle will bring a new outlook to the Las Vegas dining and club landscape.

Bagatelle will be 80,000 square feet broken into a supper club open year-round, Bagatelle Beach Club open seasonally, and the Bagatelle Nightclub, which the supper club gradually turns into. The supper club and beach club will also have VIP gaming table options for those of us who feel like they have Lady Luck’s blessing.

In other words, it’s a little bit of everything that most people come to Vegas for.

“You’re going to be immersed in an experience where the atmosphere is very welcoming and warm,” said The ONE Group partner Remi Laba of the venue, which will feature flourishes like white walls, beautiful flowers and lots of light and “evolve from lunch to dinner in a natural way,” and in turn, into a nightlife venue.

“[Bagatelle] embraces its guests and its atmosphere, for example, brunch: The key thing is a ‘joie de vivre,’ a place you can go with a group of friends and enjoy long lunches with good food and good drinks. Everything is authentic.”

One of the goals for Bagatelle is to be a “neighborhood” venue, according to Laba, where you might become familiar with bartenders, waiters and hosts and feel like you’re among friends. For private functions, there will be two “beautiful” private dining rooms that can either combine into a big one, or can be opened up to immerse into the greater dining room or nightclub experience.

As far as the food itself goes, Bagatelle will highlight spices and ingredients reminiscent of the Mediterranean, inspired by the flavors of France, Italy, North Africa and more, with tartares, rack of lamb, truffles and other staples from the region as just a small sample of menu selections.

The Bagatelle Beach Club carries on the luxurious feel, and will be an outdoor destination with two pools, 18 cabanas and two owner’s cabanas with a private pool. A sanded beach area will feature two full-size beach volleyball courts and beach soccer courts, as well as a space to play bocce ball.

“Or pétanque, as they say in the south of France,” Laba adds, emphasizing the experience the venue is looking to provide.

A new Bagatelle sign welcomes guests.

The beach club area will also have a full-service outdoor restaurant, which will combine with the supper club in season.

As with any new Vegas fixture, entertainment is obviously going to be a big deal, and this venue is addressing that demand in a few key ways.

A 1,500 square-foot concert stage with a massive LED display will round out the beach club. Laba expects A-listers, underground talent and local bands alike to put on shows at the venue, while the screen can also be used for other purposes.

“[The screen] will allow us, when it’s not being used on the stage, to show a lot of sporting events, or let us transform it into movie screen, because we intend on doing movie screenings on a weekly basis,” Laba said.

Laba also promises a diverse range of musical entertainment both indoors and out, which will evolve into more of what you’d expect from a nightclub as the evening goes on.

The former RPM/Club Nikki space has received a fresh revamp.

Among DJs lined up are residents that have played with other Bagatelle locations, “New York-style DJs that will play an open format and European DJs that are the big names you listen to in Ibiza or in a great Paris nightclub.”

They’ll also be working with local DJs. “I believe there’s a lot of local talent in Las Vegas that deserves to be showcased, so we’re not going to reinvent the wheel when it comes to that.”

Dancers, acrobats and entertainers that are new to the Vegas landscape are among the other forms of entertainment that will be expected at Bagatelle, which, according to Laba, will put on “very impromptu-type performances.”

“That’s the beauty of having a nightclub, beach club and concert stage.”

You’ll be able to experience Bagatelle after its expected mid-August launch.