Audrey Napoleon looks to conquer the world with new Vegas DJ residency

Audrey Napoleon's "underground pop" sound is finally coming to Vegas.

Audrey Napoleon is a relative newcomer to the electronic dance music scene, but she’s already a hit. With residencies at Los Angeles’ Avalon and Music Box venues, and her catchy number “#Mysunrise” being featured in a popular Heineken commercial, you can rest assured that her Vegas residency will bring in EDM fans in droves.

Audrey Napoleon kicked off her Marquee residency last Friday at The Cosmopolitan and will be back June 1, July 20, August 17 and September 14.

How did you get your start in music production?

It actually was a natural progression to music production. I’ve been musical since I was a child. In fact, my father played drums… and he bought my first guitar.

So, I moved to L.A. right out of high school and my friends started taking me to clubs. Avalon was first club I went to and the first time I heard electronic music I was like “What is this? What is this music?” And it was just “darling, this is electronic music.” I just fell in love with it.

Then when I was working at Geisha House in Hollywood and they had a DJ booth, so I asked if I could start practicing on the tables. From there, I went around L.A. doing different clubs and things and started into music production, because that was the next step up for me. And that was three years ago.

What genres or artists influence you the most and what do you listen to on your own time?

I love to listen to anything good. At the moment, I’m listening to The Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Cure and Joy Division.

David Bowie is my favorite artist in the world, well, not this world since he’s not from this world [laughs] so maybe, universe.

A lot of my inspiration comes from different sounds that are made naturally, when I’m walking down the streets, or hearing pots and pans banging. I have a huge Sicilian family and we’re always cooking in the kitchen or I’m cooking as well, so could come from pots and pans, or me being clumsy, in addition to different artists.

What are you most looking forward to with this residency?

To get to know the Vegas people, that’s what really I’m looking forward to.

See, I’ve never played Vegas before, and I heard it is one of the fun places to play and I’m just excited to get to know the people that come to Vegas. I’m excited that I get to play these next few months and give the exposure to different kinds of music that I will be playing.

In Vegas, I’m going a bit bigger than normal… I’ll be playing some big room tunes, which I secretly listen to all the time but almost never play. I’m an in-the-closet big tunes girl [laughs]

I will always stick to my original techno roots. Gotta have my driving bass lines.

When you’ve visited Vegas in the past, what do you personally like to do when you come to Vegas?

I like to sit in my room and read. [laughs] No, no, not at all.

During the day, the spas, the restaurants, the energy of the city… It’s an adult’s playground, especially for somebody like me, who’s a night owl. In Vegas, I don’t look like the weirdo walking down the road at  7:00  in the morning.

Perfect city for me, isn’t it?

How do feel about the new-found popularity of electronic music in Vegas and the U.S.?

I think it’s incredible that it’s achieving this popularity. Electronic music is the new rock and roll, it’s the new punk rock. That’s really what it is now.

You can catch Audrey at Marquee Nightclub next on June 1 and listen to more of her music on her official website: