A simple, and somewhat strange, guide to Vegas bottle service

Center: Becky Belvedere — a stock photo model we've arbitrarily named.

This is Becky Belvedere. Becky ordered bottle service for her friend’s birthday and her story can help others like her wade through the deliberately murky world of Las Vegas bottle service. Like many people who come to Vegas, Becky isn’t a full-time clubgoer. But we’re not here to talk about what Becky does when she’s at home, however kinky it is — and believe us, it’s kinky. We’re here to learn from Becky’s example and help all of you would-be club kids order bottle service and get the most for your money. So let’s rip off that greenback Band-Aid right away, shall we?


Becky’s thoughts: I’m spending as much on this party as she did on her boob job. At least the party is symmetrical. Heyoooo!

You will absolutely spend money

Not gonna get away from this one. Bottle service is not cheap. Just looking at the posted prices will tell you that. But that’s just the beginning. This is Vegas, the land of hidden costs and tipping like your life depends on it. We’ll cover each of these expenditures in turn, but we want you to be prepared for the basic costs before we even get to the stuff you might not think of. Scrolling through the online menus, you can see prices from under $200 at lounges to thousands of dollars at higher-end clubs. These prices may already be shocking you, but they are not all inclusive — as you’ll see if you keep reading to either learn about bottle service or because you simply must know the fate of Becky Belvedere. Thankfully, Becky started a second job months before her party so she could afford to pay the tab. She was not proud of that job, but it was so worth it. That brings us to our next point.

Why yes, super creepy dude, her neck does look tasty.

Reserve early and stay in touch

Shameless self-promotion time: Buying from a trusted and reputable source *hint hint* is your best first step. Now if only someone would post an entire sentence that’s also a link to their nightclubs page so you could pick which club you wanted to buy a table at. Other than that blatant promotion we just did, you can always buy directly from the club. Becky simply contacted the club through their website and was put in touch with a VIP host. She explained what she was planning and the host set everything up. It was much smoother than the last time she tried to get service for a friend’s birthday and just showed up at the club one night with her friends and tried to talk to a promoter. Not only could the promoter not get her a table, but all the tables were already sold and the girls barely even got in. Needless to say, that friend has since stopped talking to Becky and, last we heard, has totally started downvoting all Becky’s vids for like no reason. Total B. This time Becky is doing it right. She’s buying early — almost a month in advance — from a quality source, and she’s calling the day before to confirm. Of course, she could have done it even righter by buying from a site that specializes in all things Vegas. But where would she find one of those?

Why yes, other creepy guy, those are called boobs. Feel free to at least pretend you’re not staring directly at them.

Yes you get in but you still might have to wait

Setting up bottle service can take time. Club employees have to set aside a table, assign a host and a waiter and prepare your bottles and mixers. Becky went the super meticulous route and told the host exactly what time her party would arrive, how many people would be in attendance and what type of alcohol and mixers they’d want. When they all got to the club, it only took 10 minutes for their table to be ready, another 20 to get their bottle and approximately 30 seconds after that for her first friend to scream, “Wooooooo!” The other option is slapping down a credit card, saying something like  — “My credit limit is $10,000 so go nuts.”  —  to the host and demanding a table immediately. It can work if the tables aren’t already reserved. Most clubs won’t sell out every table on a given night and some keep special tables open for high rollers or celebrities. But the only reason to take the chance is if you’re in one of those ‘let’s go to a club right now without a tiny bit of a plan and see WTF happens’ kind of moods. Hey, we all get those sometimes. And it’s fun to play it by ear. But if you know before your trip that you only want to spend 30 minutes outside the club in the bottle service line rather than an hour in the GA line, buy before you fly.

OK, so this is pretty much just a thing in stock photos? Everyone just stares at stuff like lions waiting to pounce on a freshly baked cronut? What? Cronuts are awesome. Even lions love them.

Obvious fees and minimum buys—aka the important stuff

When Becky bought her table, the posted price was $450 for the bottle she wanted. Becky Belvedere, obviously, went with Skyy vodka — because screw your assumptions. But Becky knew the actual cost would be much more. This wasn’t her first rodeo. Actually, if you count that kinky stuff we teased you with earlier, this was actually her 12th rodeo. The standard fee is pretty much just the price it costs to sit at a nice table in a club and have someone come over and pour you a drink, because leaning forward and pouring a drink for yourself is just unheard of. Then we get to the pesky minimum buy. Sure, the table comes with a bottle, but if you’re cramming all the people you can into that space — which you really should unless you plan on luring in strangers — you’ll probably be required to buy more than one bottle. That’s also true if you end up staying the whole night. If you’re at a table and you’re out of alcohol, you’ve done something wrong and you will get called on it. No club wants people at a table who aren’t buying bottles. Becky brought five friends so she was required to buy at least two bottles. They ended up going through three, so that $450 turned into $1,350 within a few hours. And it still wasn’t over.

Becky paid this girl to dance on the table and distract her friends while she secretly stole money from them all to compensate for her bar bill. It’s a pro move and you’re not ready for it.

Gratuity, please and thank you

If you’re sitting at your table drinking your vodka cranberry or vodka soda or vodka Red Bull or, if you really want to be a rebel, screwdriver, then you’ve already interacted with multiple employees. Someone led you in, someone waited on you, someone came by and asked you if everything was alright with that hand gesture they always do so your drunk ass can understand them even in the loud club and someone is going to bus that table when you leave. That’s a lot of people to tip. Becky accounted for all of them in her budgeting and was sure to save enough money for tax and tips. She added the tip to the final credit card bill when she authorized the payment, but she also left some cash on the table. That second part isn’t completely necessary. They’ll look at the receipt later and judge you for your gratuity and ability to do drunken math. But it’s always nice for a waiter to see cash money snugly squished under a sweating tumbler. The cash was $100, but the tip on the bill was more than $350. That covered the customary 20 percent for the very nice waitress with a little left over for security. The more you can tip the better. It makes you look like a big shot. It shows appreciation for services rendered. And, most importantly, it makes you look like a big shot. Remember, this is all true even if your table is comped. The staff did just as much work so they deserve just as much of a tip. Look how happy this waitress is: 

Yes, we know she’s not the waitress and she's in other shots. And we know that Becky changes outfits like three times. What do you want from us? They’re stock photos.

If you decide to split the check, you have to keep all these things in mind so your friends aren’t shocked the next day when you hit them up for $300 to pay their share. If, like Becky, you’re taking care of it all yourself, you’re totally welcome to lie about how much it all cost depending on what impression you want to give your friends. You can either go low and say, “Oh it was only like $500, don’t worry about it.” Or you can go high and say, “Girl, I dropped three grand on your party you better gimme that last slice of pizza.” Or you could just do that whole honesty thing — bleck. But whichever one you choose, you’ve successfully ordered and executed Las Vegas bottle service. Be proud of yourself. You’ve accomplished something that not everyone with thousands of dollars to spend can do for themselves. Some poor souls have to have their managers or personal assistants order bottle service for them.

We’ve had a lot of fun today. We do hope you’ve learned a little something about Vegas bottle service and about our wonderful new friend Becky Belvedere. Wherever you are, woman in stock images that we’ve completely jacked for our nonsense, we hope you’re having a ball. For the rest of you: buy early, tip well, buy from Vegas.com if you don’t want to hurt our feelings and whatever you do, no matter what, do not under any circumstances be this dude:

Seriously, look how creepy he is in all of these photos. Go scroll through those pics again. Creep city population: that guy. No joke, when we saved this picture it came out to 666k. *shudders*



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