Vintage Vegas hotel adding modern day charm


THEN & NOW: The Paradise Tower rooms have been completely remodeled and are expected to open to the public in March or April 2010. On top is the old room. Bottom is the remodel.

The Tropicana is getting a facelift. But unlike the women who are heading there for the first-ever Cougar Convention on Jan. 22, the hotel will soon succesfully recapture that lost shiny glimmer of youth.

The vintage hotel aims to be done with Phase I of construction and renovations toward the end of summer. Executives dedicated $125 million for revamping the 61,000 square foot casino, carpet, restaurants, 105,000 square feet of conference space, more than 500 Paradise Tower rooms (opening in March or April 2010), back of the house, structural improvements and more. Employees are even getting new uniforms and a refurbished employee dining room.

Remember that long, somewhat dingy hallway filled with novelty kiosks that connected the hotel’s buffet and conference space to the mezzanine level and casino? Well, the hallway is still there, but the dingy is long gone. Now it is covered in white, imported marble and there are no more kiosks. The view of the 5-acre Tropicana pool area (under construction) and surrounding Strip properties is outstanding.

Remember the parrots on the elevator doors leading up to the Island Tower? Gone.

Remember the purple and green carpet? Going.

Remember the crown moulding in the Paradise Tower rooms? Well, that’s still there. But the rooms themselves have been completely redone. The carpet is new, the wallpaper is new (and textured!), the furniture is new, the bathrooms are new. And judging by the several piles of old, stained mattresses dumped outside in the rain yesterday, the mattresses are new too.

Just about every design element for the Tropicana has been handpicked by the Tropicana’s Chairman and CEO Alex Yemenidjian. Overall, the hotel is aiming to provide guests with a relaxed, South Beach feel. It is also refocusing its efforts on customer service.

Phase II and III of Tropicana’s remodeling involve plans to add a nightclub, a huge sportsbook and a remodel for the Island Tower and Garden rooms, and outside of the building.
Here are some photos taken during my walkthrough of the property yesterday (Press the “i” in the upper right hand corner of the gallery for caption information):

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  1. terry at 7:43 am

    It would be nice to have real current pictures as the ones you posted are the same on many other websites. Nothing new.

  2. D Unit at 3:09 pm

    We are planning on going May 7-9. Will the pool be open that weekend? Is there still a swim-up bar?