Two paws up: Delano’s pet-friendly Vegas hotel is worth barking about

Next time you come to Las Vegas, think about taking someone with you: your furry, four-legged best friend.

Sure, you’ve seen the occasional pup here and there, but unless you’re following Fido up to his room, no one really knows what goes on behind the scenes. And up until last weekend, we had no clue what the experience entailed. Now we can tell you we’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. And our pup will happily follow.

Vegas is home to several pet-friendly hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. Dogs are not only allowed, but also encouraged and highly welcomed.


Buster is straight up owning the place. Welcome to Buster’s very own bachelor pad. All photos by Jeannie Garcia.

Checking in

My hubby and I brought our 10-month-old baby and our 3-year-old Shih-Tzu, Buster to Delano Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay. As soon as we dropped our car off at valet and entered the lobby, he sniffed all over the place. I scooped him up immediately, thinking he might do the unthinkable. (Luckily, he had no accidents during the entire stay.)

When we checked in the hotel’s VIP lounge, the hotel staff surprised us with a goodie bag filled with dog biscuits. Additionally, the front desk provides a full doggie service and menu, along with frosted organic cookie treats. We could already tell it was going to be an awesome trip.

Paw-some puppy treatment

Housekeeping will immediately bring up two dog bowls for food and water, as well as a doggie pad (in case, well…you know). Any time someone came to the door – whether it was housekeeping or room service – our pup greeted the staff with love, as they did with him. And we totally felt like celebrity parents with all the extra attention he got at the front desk, VIP lounge and valet pickup. We’re sure it’s also because he looked extra adorable in his warm red plaid sweater — very appropriate and hip for the season.


See how happy your pup can be? Plus, there’s nothing like waking up in Vegas with your four-legged friend.

The Pet Stay Diaries: Buster’s time in a hotel suite

He didn’t really explore the room like we thought he would. Then again, he’s not a cat. Our two cats would have been all over the place. It was funny how Buster acted shy and timid at times, kind of like when you’re at someone’s house for the first time — very cautious and observant.

For the most part, Buster followed us around. He even hung out with us during our baby’s bath time and draped his cute little paws over the bathtub edge.

Buster absolutely loved the couch and made himself right at home on one of the top cushions. He looked like he owned the place. And he did. It was like his own swanky bachelor pad.

While the Delano doesn’t provide doggie beds, we’re sure your dog will be sleeping with you on your bed anyway. It’ll probably be the best sleep of their lives since the blankets here are so warm and thick. Our pup cuddled up right next to me. Having him sleep in the bed with us was so comforting for all of us. We slept through the night with no problem, Buster included.


Buster got his grub on with the Delano Doggie Delight, a big bowl of burgers, potatoes, carrots, apples and more goodies.

It’s chow time at the Delano

Now, on to the fun part — room service.  We hear the Doggie Delights menu is doggone delish. For breakfast, your pup can have Fido’s Frittata – egg white frittata with no onion or garlic ($9); Bark-A-Roni (macaroni, béchamel, cheddar cheese, all-beef hot dogs, $10) for lunch; and Canine Chop (a four-ounce pan-seared beef tenderloin with blanched carrots and wild rice, $17) for dinner. Other fun and clever names from the Doggie Delights menu include Fowl Play and Pooch Patty.

We decided to get Buster the hotel’s signature Delano Doggie Delight: hamburger and potato hash with zuchini, carrots, apples, parsley and ground turmeric ($11). Let’s just say it was so good, the hubby even enjoyed it. (Someone had to taste test it for Buster, right?) Buster’s already a fan of carrots and apples, so we knew it would be a big  hit.

Doggie butler service

Since we were spending QT with our pup, we didn’t take advantage of the hotel’s doggie butler service on this round. However, if you’re here for a business trip or celebrating a night out, your pup will be in good hands. Services include a check-in and check up in your suite ($25); walks ranging from 20-40 minutes ($35-50) and the luxurious 60-minute Plush and Pampered treatment. This includes a 40-minute walk outside, feeding and water change, as well as a brushing session, in your room ($65). Now that’s living the posh life.

Potty time

The hotel’s dog relief park wasn’t too far from our suite. Once you walk out of the elevators, turn right. Pass the coffee shop and make another right through the main doors. Cross the street and it’s right there. Warning: Do not let your pup roam free, as the area is not fenced in. Traffic is very busy since this is right by the valet entrance.

We loved how the grass was real, not Astroturf. The dog park also provides waste disposal bags for your convenience. The park reminded us a lot of the one we have in our own neighborhood, complete with all the bushes and shrubs for Buster to sniff.


Don’t worry, Buster! No one will eat your frosted organic cookie. These treats are complimentary during your stay.

Overall pet stay

Every pup is different and we’re fortunate ours was so well behaved. If you’re here for vacation, we recommend just relaxing and unwinding in the room with your pup. It’s a great excuse to kick back and chill. Most folks don’t spend that much time in a hotel room, other than sleeping and getting ready. To spend that much time in our room seriously felt like a spa day.

We would take Buster for a pet stay again. This was definitely one of our best experiences in a hotel room, paws down. Bringing your four-legged friend makes your trip feel complete. And honestly, how fun is it that you can actually order room service together?

The rundown

Thinking of taking your pup? Yay! You can actually take up to two dogs, as long as the maximum combined weight doesn’t exceed 100 pounds. With the exception of guide dogs, dogs aren’t allowed in restaurants or pool area due to health code regulations. If you’re thinking of going out, you’ll need to leave your pup in a kennel or carrier. The aforementioned dog-sitting service is a handy option and can be arranged through the Delano’s concierge.

You’ll also need to keep your dog on a leash when you’re outside your suite; this includes the hotel hallway, lobby and registration area and dog park. Your dog must also be fully house trained. The Delano may be dog-friendly, you don’t want to pay extra fees if your pup trashes the room like a rock star. We’re lucky that Buster barely barks, so if you have a barky dog, make sure it’s kept to a minimum so it doesn’t disturb other hotel guests.

We actually saw a lot of dogs on our stay, so it’s definitely a popular service. If  you’re traveling overseas, it may be too stressful for your pup. But if you’re traveling by way of a short flight or road trip, this is something we highly recommend. Dog fees are $75 per day, per pet.

Other pet-friendly Vegas spots

Each of these pet-friendly Vegas hotels come with a special pet walking area as well. Check out the amenities for yourself:

  • Four Seasons: Homemade pet biscuits, room service pet menu and luxury pet bed.
  • Vdara: Deluxe suite amenities, doggie blanket and its own dog park.
  • Trump: Gourmet treats, water bowl, toys, a plush dog bed and dog-walking services.
  • The LINQ: Organic peanut butter dog treats, mat, water dishes, disposable waste bags and crate rentals.

Your doggie will love you and appreciate you so much. Two paws up!


Most folks take their Vegas jackpot winnings back home, but my dad decided to stay here instead. That’s how I left Seattle almost 20 years ago. I moved from greenery and rainy days to hot summers, palm trees and desert. As much as I love my hometown, I decided to stick around Vegas. This city just has so much to offer. You don’t even have to be a gambler, bar hopper or an all-night partier. I love Vegas for its awesome vegan-friendly spots, concerts, swanky hotel suites and spas so big, they’re like castles. The pool scene is not too shabby either, which is why I love taking stay-cations. Besides living it up -- Vegas style -- I’m hanging out with my handsome hubby, adorable baby girl, two cats and super-fluffy Shih-Tzu. I’m also a huge fan of '90s music, shows and movies. You can find me on Google+ and Twitter.