The D Las Vegas looking for dancing dealers, ‘high-energy’ vibe

Dancing dealers are part of the next stage of The D's recent transformation.

Looking for a fun job in Vegas?

Well, The D – which you might remember as (or still be in the habit of calling it) Fitzgeralds – is going through a big revamp over the next few months and up next, they’re looking for 100 women to hire as dancing dealers.

“We’re looking for girls that like being around a high-energy music atmosphere but don’t want to work at a club,” said owner Derek Stevens.

“People with great personalities and who enjoy what they’re doing.”

Ladies interested in becoming dealers should report to The D’s ballroom at 2 p.m. on June 29 to register and go through some brief choreography before auditions on the Third Street Stage on the Fremont Street Experience. You can also register ahead of time on this page.

“With an open audition like this, it’s always a lot of fun,” Stevens said. “It’s similar to some of the opening shows [on] ‘American Idol,’ sometimes it’s funny. We’re going to have fun with it and at the end of the day we’re going to hire some people.”

The casino, formerly known as Fitzgeralds, has been undergoing a number of changes in recent months in addition to the upcoming dancing dealers, which will entertain people in the “largest party pit in Vegas.”

According to Stevens, the casino’s second floor will be themed after vintage Las Vegas in contrast to the party vibe of the first floor.

“[We’ve done] a pretty good job at searching out machines, including many old favorites,” he said.

“The concept is a very high-energy casino floor and casino table environment. When you come downstairs, that’s where the vibe is complete different music will be louder, have more [modern] music and be the area where the new dancing dealers will be.”

The D’s renovation, which includes the hotel rooms as well as the casino, is expected to be completed by fall 2012, but at least you can get in on some of the fun this Friday, at the casino’s auditions.