The best ways to blow your money in Vegas after you’ve hit Megabucks

What should you do if you win big in Vegas? And by big we don’t mean getting on a hot streak at a craps table or placing a profitable bet at a sports book. We mean hitting a ginormous jackpot like Megabucks.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Megabucks (maybe you’ve been too busy buying lottery tickets), it’s a network of slot machines linked throughout Nevada with a progressive top prize that starts out at $10 million. Megabucks just hit over the weekend at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. That lucky lady (er…if only it were one of us) netted more than $10.7 million.

One thing to keep in mind: To play Megabucks it costs $1 a spin, but to quality for that top amount you’ll have to shell out $3. That sounds pretty steep, we know. But trust us, if you hit Megabucks with only a buck or two invested, you’ll leave with a jackpot in the thousands instead of millions. Everyone around you will smile sheepishly but shake their heads when you look away. You’ll become a Vegas cautionary tale.

But anyway…what was that we were saying? Ah yes, if you do hit Megabucks, then you’ve got to go on a spending bender. It comes with the territory. So forget about sensible financial investments (at least until you get home) because there are lots of crazy ways to blow your new-found wealth in Vegas. Here are our 10 picks.

The grand piano in the Marcus Aurelius Vill and the sushi area in the Nobu Villa

From left: The grand piano in the living room of the Marcus Aurelius Villa and the sushi area inside Nobu Villa. Photos courtesy of Caesars Entertainment.

Stay in a tricked-out room

We’re talking about the kind of digs that would impress billionaires like Oprah, Mark Cuban and the Koch brothers or even just a run-of-the-mill millionaire like Kanye West. When you want the suite life – or rather the “villa” life – think Caesars Palace. The resort’s Anthology Villas are truly like no others. Starting at a mere $25,000 per night, they include the Marcus Aurelius Villa, the Titus Villa and the Nobu Villa. All of them come with the bare necessities – things like 24-hour butler service and movie theater rooms as well as private pools and spas. At 9,500 square feet, the Marcus Aurelius Villa is the smallest one (but you’ll still have plenty of space to count your riches). Some of our favorite features are the exotic fish tank, grand piano and double-sided fireplace in the living room. Or if you decide to stay in the Nobu Villa, which measures 10,500 square feet and sits on the rooftop of Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace, you’ll live it up in a Japanese-inspired crib that has a sky deck with a fire and water feature, a full bar, a barbecue pit and a Zen garden with a whirlpool.

From left: TheOno at XS, the Ménage à Trois at Tryst and the Fizz Deluxe at Fizz Las Vegas.

From left: The Ono at XS, the Ménage à Trois at Tryst and the Fizz Deluxe at Fizz Las Vegas. Photos courtesy of Wynn Las Vegas and Fizz Las Vegas.

Order an extravagant drink

We aren’t referring to one of those fancy-schmancy signature cocktails that feel overpriced at $15 to $20 a pop. There are some decadent drinks in Sin City that will literally empty your bank account (OK, not yours because you’ve just won Megabucks, but ours for sure). The Ono at XS nightclub in Encore costs $10,000. It’s easily the most expensive cocktail in town. Made with Charles Heidsieck Champagne Charlie 1981 and Louis XIII de Rémy Martin Black Pearl Cognac, it’s served in a stunning champagne glass and comes with some additional bling – a pair of men’s sterling silver XS logo cufflinks and a women’s 18-karat white gold chain with a black pearl pendant. The Ono isn’t the only luxe cocktail you can consume in Vegas. Next door in Tryst at Wynn Las Vegas, the Ménage à Trois runs a mere $3,000. An alluring combination of Cristal Rose Champagne, Hennessey Ellipse Cognac and Grand Marnier liqueur, this flirtatious cocktail also features 24-karat gold flakes and liquid gold syrup. Plus, if you indulge in it you’ll get to take home the Tryst logo straw, which has a real diamond set into the “Y.” Fizz Las Vegas at Caesars Palace also has a budget-busting bevvy, the Fizz Deluxe. A real bargain at $2,500, this bubbly cocktail contains Grand Marnier Quintessence and Hennessy Richard Cognac with lemon juice, Monin Rose syrup and egg whites for texture. The finishing touches are Dom Pérignon Rosé Champagne capped off with a rose petal that’s been dusted with 24-karat gold flakes.

From left: The presentation of the VIP bottle package and a view of the table overlooking the fountains at Hyde Bellagio.

From left: The presentation of the VIP bottle package and a view of the patio at Hyde Bellagio. Photos courtesy of Hyde Bellagio.

Better yet, order an over-the-top bottle package

Hyde Bellagio boasts a VIP bottle service menu with packages for the rare person like you who has hundreds of thousands of dollars to throw away. Ranging in price from $5,000 to $250,000, we won’t waste your time discussing anything other than the high-end option. So what do you get for a cool quarter of a million dollars? First off, you and your friends (or rather, your entourage) will sit at the best table in the house. It’s located on the patio and overlooks the famous Fountains of Bellagio. Speaking of those fountains, once they’ve stopped running for the evening, a gold box with a single red button and a list of “Fountain Songs” will be hand-delivered to you. When you press that button, you’ll watch 4,700 lights come on as 1,200 individual fountains perform your chosen tune. You’ll also get to toast to your outrageous wealth with a gold 30-liter bottle of Armand de Brignac champagne (for all you non-mathematical folks, that’s the same amount as 40 standard bottles). Ultimately, this package will put you at the center of attention in the Hyde Bellagio…and you’ll love every moment of it.

From left: The Golden Jackpot Pancakes at Pantry, the Toro Tartare Caviar at barMASA and the FleurBurger 5000 at Fleur.

From left: The Golden Jackpot Pancakes at Pantry, the Masa Toro Tartare Caviar at barMASA and the FleurBurger 5000 at Fleur. Photos courtesy MGM Resorts International.

Eat some really expensive food

Money, of course, doesn’t have to change you. Take the Barenaked Ladies. In “If I Had $1,000,000,” they sing that they would still eat Kraft dinners. But you’re not the Barenaked Ladies and you’re in Vegas. So you might as well devour some decadent stuff and forego the Kraft dinners. What better way to start your first day as a millionaire than with the Golden Jackpot Pancakes? This lavish dish being served in the Pantry at The Mirage is priced at $27.77. It will only be available on two more dates: March 17 and 27. There are seven pancakes layered with your choice of seven different types of delicious chocolate, along with orange marmalade, whipped cream and 23-karat gold flakes. Later in the day, head to barMASA at Aria and order the Masa Toro Tartare Caviar. It’s a luxurious combination of toro tartare (Boston blue fin tuna) topped with caviar for $68. Then make tracks for Hubert Keller’s Fleur at Mandalay Bay, where you’ll discover the most indulgent burger experience in Sin City. The FleurBurger 5000 has a whopping $5,000 price tag. It’s a foie gras and truffle topped Wagyu beef burger. In addition, you’ll enjoy a bottle of Chateau Pétrus 1996 poured in fancy Italian stemware, which will be shipped to you with a personal note from the chef after your meal.

A look inside The Shops at Crystals.

A look inside The Shops at Crystals. Photos courtesy of MGM Resorts International.

Go on a spend-until-you-drop shopping spree

Ever dreamed of going to a mall and mindlessly buying everything you could grab? The Shops at Crystals is the perfect place in Vegas to spend a wad (although the grabbing part may not go over so well). Situated beneath a crystalline glass and steel canopy, this isn’t your standard shopping center. Here the names on the stores are the same names you’d see on the runways during fashion weeks in New York or Paris. We’ll just throw a few out there for you: Dior. Dolce & Gabbana. Fendi. Gucci. Lanvin. Prada. Stella McCartney. Tom Ford. Valentino. Versace. And that doesn’t include jewelry bigwigs like Harry Winston, Cartier and Tiffany & Co. or the shoe mecca Jimmy Choo. So go forth and spend. You don’t even have to look at the price tags. For the first time in your life, you can get those stilettos that cost $1,500 and that watch that costs $15,000.

From left: The interior and exterior of Penske Wynn Ferrari

From left: The interior and exterior of Penske Wynn Ferrari. Photos courtesy of Wynn Las Vegas and Penske Wynn Ferrari.

Buy a ridiculously fast car

Typically, the dream of being rich involves having the kind of wheels that will be the envy of your friends and family. What car do celebs get when they want to prove to the world they’re celebs? That’s easy. A Ferrari. Would you believe there’s a Ferrari auto dealership right on the Strip? It’s inside Wynn Las Vegas. Penske Wynn Ferrari is the only factory-authorized Ferrari dealership in the state of Nevada. You can buy a brand new or pre-owned Ferrari here. Perhaps the sporty V8-engined Ferrari 458 Italia? It will run you about $320,000. Justin Bieber owns a Ferrari 458 Italia and a black Ferrari 458 Spider, so if you purchase one you’ll be as cool (who are we kidding, way cooler) than “the Biebs.”

From left: “Le Rêve - The Dream” at Wynn Las Vegas and Rod Stewart at Caesars Palace.

From left: “Le Rêve – The Dream” at Wynn Las Vegas and Rod Stewart at Caesars Palace. Photos courtesy of Wynn Las Vegas and Caesars Entertainment.

Nab the best seat in the showroom

There are some once-in-a-lifetime show experiences to be had in Vegas. Most of us are so far in debt it would take years to save up for tickets like these. But not you, you Megabucks winner…so take advantage of your situation. For example, if you’re scuba-certified, you can see “Le Rêve – The Dream” at Wynn Las Vegas from a unique vantage point. This jaw-dropping show takes place in a 1.1 million-gallon aqua theater. The Diver’s Dream package starts at $1,750. It will not only score you a two-night stay at the resort, a VIP Indulgence Experience ticket (think champagne, truffles and chocolate-covered strawberries) and a private backstage tour, but also an SDI-certified scuba training session with “Le Rêve’s” diving team and the chance to see the show an additional time from below the water. Over at Caesars Palace, you can catch rock legend Rod Stewart (and his incredible mane of hair) in concert at The Colosseum. Named after his classic hit “Hot Legs,” the Hot Legs VIP package, which runs a mere $1,250, will put you right in the front row. You’ll also get to savor a pre-show dinner at a Caesars Palace restaurant as well as take home a commemorative poster, a VIP lanyard and an autographed soccer ball.

From left: The interior of the Love Cloud plane and mounds of dirt you can move around thanks to Dig This.

From left: The interior of the Love Cloud plane and mounds of dirt you can move around thanks to Dig This. Photos courtesy of Love Cloud and Dig This.

Take a tour to remember

Vegas has a myriad of sites for sightseers. But with your kind of dough, you don’t want to go on any old air or ground tour. When it comes to flying, grab your special someone and join the mile high club. Thanks to Love Cloud, you can take public sex to a more private level (with the exception of a very discreet pilot). This aircraft sightseeing company flies couples around the friendly skies of Sin City in a twin-engine plane that has a mattress – and, well, let’s just say anything goes. The titillating packages range from platinum for $1,399 (with 90 minutes of flight time) to bronze for $799 (giving you only 30 minutes to get the deed done). Both include mile high VIP membership cards. Looking for something a little less adult? Tap into your inner child with Dig This. After an equipment and safety orientation, this company will allow you to drive bulldozers and excavators around what’s essentially a super-sized sandbox. Could anything be better than being dirt rich and playing in the dirt? Packages usually run from 90 to 150 minutes with prices starting at $249.

From left: Shirodhara and the Rom baths at Qua Baths & Spa, alng with Asiastu Oriental Bar Thearapy at Spa Bellagio.

From left: Shirodhara therapy and Roman baths at Qua Baths & Spa, along with ashiatsu at Spa Bellagio. Photos courtesy of Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts International.

Be pampered like a big shot at a spa

There’s no luxury more indulgent than an exotic spa treatment, and the spas on the Strip have plenty of those to offer. If you love to be put into a state of bliss (and who doesn’t?), then while away an afternoon at Qua Baths & Spa in Caesars Palace. Choose the Qua Signature Hourglass Treatment for a tidy sum of $650. You’ll be spoiled for 180 minutes with a mix of whatever you wish – from an ayurvedic escape with shirodhara (when scented oils are gently poured over your forehead) to chakra balancing. As part of your spa visit, you’ll have access to the idyllic Roman baths, the laconium room, the Arctic ice room (where it snows) and the tea lounge. Some of the unique treatments at Spa Bellagio will put you on cloud nine too. We recommend the Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, which starts at $250 for 75 minutes. An ancient form of barefoot bodywork, it uses deep compression techniques to relax your back…plus, you’ll be able to say you let someone walk all over you and really mean it.

From left: A view from a skybox at MGM Grand Race & Sportsbook and the entrance to Club Prive

From left: A view from a skybox at MGM Grand Race & Sports Book and the entrance to Club Privé. Photos courtesy of MGM Resorts International.

Gamble it all away

What’s the cliché? Easy come, easy go…or maybe we’re just thinking of the opening line from the Bruno Mars song “Grenade.” Either way, gambling is without a doubt the most foolish thing you can do with your jackpot. But then who knows? That’s how you got the money in the first place. Because you’re loaded, you can now head to the high-limit rooms instead of playing in the main casino with the regular folks. With its dark wood and silver-leafed screen partitions, Club Privé at Bellagio has the perfect setting for a high roller like you. There’s even a speakeasy-style bar where you can order one of the “Lucky 8” spirits (like a Macallan 1966 Vintage Scotch). If you lose here, at least you’ll have had a remarkable time doing it. With March Mayhem kicking off this week, consider making tracks for MGM Grand Race & Sports Book to wager on your favorite college basketball team (or just your favorite mascot, which is how we pick our winners). Impress your friends by reserving one of three skyboxes located on the second level. They can hold up to 10 people and you’ll get your own beverage server while you watch the games on more than 60 big-screen TVs. For a sports fan, life doesn’t get much better than this.


I’m a Las Vegas native. By profession, I write at Mostly about the city’s hotels, but on other topics – gaming and transportation – too. I really love staying at hotels. And the ones here are among the biggest and best in the world. Some key things I’ve learned: Resort fees are inescapable (frustrating but true), a friendly attitude at the front desk may score you a great view and over-the-top room amenities – bath butlers, Japanese tea service, menus with “intimate” items – do exist. What else should you know about me? Well, I’m comfortable at a blackjack table. And I like eating late-night pancakes in hotel coffee shops. A lot. Follow Renee on Google+.