Summer, summer, summertime: Vegas pool amenities that’ll make you swoon

We get it. It’s 1,000 degrees here (OK, maybe drop that last zero) and the only way to survive is jumping into a cool and refreshing Vegas pool. We have some of the best pools in the country. Scratch that. Try the entire world. The amenities are way awesome. What do we have to do to prove that to you? Kick back, read on and before you get here, don’t forget to bring your designer shades.


Squad goals, milkshake edition. Meet Girl Scout Cookie, Peanut Butter and Frappucino. Lookin’ good, guys. Photo courtesy of Mandarin Oriental.

Mandarin Oriental

Pool attendants will delight you with refreshing treats throughout the day, including frozen fruit and yummy mini-smoothies. Rent out a cabana and you’ll enjoy perks like Evian Mist, a 48-inch flat-screen TV and a PlayStation 3 (game on, gamers!). And remember the days of chasing the ice cream truck, only to leave you either exhausted or in the dust? Well, here the ice cream comes to you. The pool’s ice cream cart comes with cherry, watermelon, lemon lime or bubble gum popsicles, sorbet, gelato and different varieties of ice cream. Our only question is, how do we get the cart to stay by us the entire time?

What we love: The nearby pool café has an amazing summertime cocktail menu. We’re in love with the honeydew spritzer, which includes Midori liqueur, John D. Taylor’s Velvet Falernum liqueur (flavors of lime, vanilla, ginger and clove), Sauvignon Blanc, honeydew aloe juice, soda water and Champagne. For a delicious non-alcoholic drink, the Girl Scout cookie shake has crushed mint oreos and chocolate ice cream. And if you’re going out for the evening, you’ll need the energy: The Frappuccino milkshake, made with espresso mousse, house-made vanilla gelato and Hershey’s chocolate syrup, is pure heaven.

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Give your best downward facing dog pose at Palazzo every Sunday. You’ll be rewarded with inner peace and a mimosa. Hotel courtesy photo.


Namaste all the way at Azure, Palazzo’s hotel pool. Every Sunday, you can practice yoga on the pool deck. The 50-minute yoga class includes breathing techinques and stress relief through alignment in basic postures like standing, kneeling and seated positions. The class is available every Sunday at 10 a.m., but you have to sign up by 9:45 a.m.

What we love: This is open to everyone, not just hotel guests. (Namast-heeey!) And for $20, a yoga class and a mimosa by the pool is a steal.


Tan, swim and repeat. It’s all right here. Sky Pool, photo courtesy of Aria.


Exclusive to Sky Suite guests, Aria’s Sky Pool is heaven sent. Every 90 minutes, you’ll receive complimentary signature iced teas, chilled towels and even fun smoothie shots. You can also treat yourself to poolside back and foot massages.

What we love: We’ll take the “Beat the Heat” service any day, which uses cold (key word: cold) marble stones to help you stay cool when Vegas is, for the lack of a better phrase, not so cool.


Don’t come rushing all at once — you have all day to play. Photo courtesy of Delano Las Vegas.

Delano Las Vegas

Head to Delano Beach Club for some true fun-in-the-sun action. The boutique hotel’s pool offers everyting from frozen grapes and cucumber slices to mango-infused sparkling water and watermelon juice shooters. If those aren’t refreshing enough, then maybe you’ll give in to the fresh pineapple skewers with agave soda and tart lemon sorbet.

What we love: You don’t have to be captain of the chess team to appreciate the pool’s lifesize chess pieces. Don’t know how to play? Ask your sweetie (or maybe a future sweetie you meet here!) to give you a lesson. Check mate.


All we’re missing is a garden maze… in the pool. The landscaping here is quite the beauty. Photo courtesy of Bellagio.


This is one of the few pools on the Las Vegas Strip that’s open year round. And we have no problem with that. It’s one of the most gorgeous pool areas in town. The manicured shrubs and balcony areas give this pool an elegant, palatial feel. And you’re the prince or princess.

What we love: This hotel pool offers Poolside Pronto massage services. You can order a 15-minute poolside massage right to your lounge chair. You can even get an aromatherapy massage in a cabana or our favorite, the Floating Bliss — a foot and hand treatment while you float in the pool. There’s no reason to get out, like, ever. Ahh.


The Bamboo Pool at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas is calling your name. Heck, they’re calling our name too. Bye! Hotel courtesy photo.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

If you’re looking to spend all day, all night at the pool, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas would be your place. Sip on tasty cocktails during the day, or enjoy a dive-in movie every Monday night throughout the summer. Or, kick up your concert experience and see some of the most awesome artists take the stage on select nights.

What we love: The drink menu has downright hilarious names, with Tequila Mockingbird and Day Drink Believer tying as our favorites. Take your pick from Lovely Bunch of Coconuts (a spiked coconut rum cocktail); Bye Felicia (tequila infused with cucumber, aloe, lime, watermelon and orange); Tequila Mockingbird (tequila with tamarind ginger syrup, lemon, Squirt soda and chili lime salt); Day Drink Believer (berry mojito with dragon berry rum, raspberries, blackberries and mint); and Woke Up Like This (mango passion vodka, guava juice, lemon juice, calamansi and yellow Red Bull).

Relax and grab food at Citrus on the pool deck at Downtown Grand, photo courtesy of Downtown Grand.

Relax and grab food at Citrus on the pool deck at Downtown Grand, photo courtesy of Downtown Grand.

Downtown Grand

We’re all huge fans of Citrus, the rooftop pool at Downtown Grand. This is one of the pools we’d invite our friends to (and even join them ourselves) time and time again. The pool has fun inflatable floats like a watermelon inner tube, a flamingo, a shark, as well as pool noodles. Oh, and the drinks are fantastic. Our favorite is the Seedless & Spicy, a watermelon tequila cocktail served on a Tajin-rimmed glass. Aye, mamacita!

What we love: You can order guacamole, made fresh right in front of you and served tableside. Yum! After all that swimming, drinking and eating, you can take a nap under one of the misters or play a game of corn hole or foosball. You’ll probably find us under the misters taking a much needed cat nap.


Looking for things to do at the Palms pool? How about get your hair braided or have your bottle served to you in a child-size Power Wheels car? Yeah, buddy. Photo courtesy of the Palms.


Hey, we’re all for a great pool club experience. However, if you ever wanted anything more than shoulder-to-shoulder dancing in the pool or taking countless shots in a cabana, head to Ditch Fridays at the Palms. Play inside the interactive game garden featuring Jenga, Connect Four, corn hole, beer pong and more. The Bud Light Deck has knitted hammock chairs and oversized chess. If you just want to skip all amenities and chill in the pool, hey, that’s cool too. Call dibs on floats shaped like pizza slices, doughnuts and swans. And if we’re not floating next to you in a doughnut, we’re totally squirting you with our champagne spray guns. Drink up!

What we love: We love the fact you can get your hair braided here. And you don’t have to go on a Caribbean cruise or vacation for this! But seriously, the dopest thing you’ll see here is the Bottle On Wheels service. If you get pool bottle service, your waitresses will present your bottle to  you in a — wait for it — child-sized, hot red Mercedes Power Wheels SUV. Pow, pow, Power Wheels…


Finding Dory? How about finding sharky? The Tank, photo courtesy of Golden Nugget.

Golden Nugget

If you’re not familiar with this pool. get hip to it ASAP. It’s freaking fresh as heck. It has a 200,000 gallon shark tank with five different shark species, along with other tropical fish. If you’re feeling super daring, you can slide through the shark tank, a 30-foot descent. (Yeah, buddy.) Afterward, you can calm your nerves with poolside massages ($35 for 15 minutes) or a frozen drink.

What we love: Besides coming face to face with sharks, we’re huge fans of the frozen Miami Vice daiquiri, a yummy combination of piña cola and strawberry daiquiri with coconut Malibu rum and Bacardi Superior rum. Oh, and the hotel’s 21-and-older pool club The Hideout has themed nights throughout summer. Coming up: EDC Night Swim on Thursday, June 16; Red, Wine and Booze Night Swim, July 1; and Hippies vs. Hipsters on July 4. We’re interested to see what the latter one’s all about.


Ahh, watermelon. The epitome of summer refreshment. All drinks should be served this way. Photo courtesy of Hard Rock Hotel.

Hard Rock Hotel

Hard Rock is widely known for Rehab, the first pool club to hit the Strip. But did you know this hotel also has a relaxing pool area too? If you didn’t, we don’t blame you. Now that you know, you better make room for it in your Vegas itinerary. There’s Breathe pool and also Nirvana. Both locations offer a peaceful setting when you just want to relax and unwind.

What we love: Isn’t it obvious? We’re crazy about the cocktails served inside a baby watermelon, seen above. You have until the end of June to enjoy. For $25, you can order one of two drinks: Daddy Apple (Ciroc apple, cranberry juice, orange juice and Sprite) or Mad for Melon (Ciroc vodka, simple syrup, watermelon juice and Sprite). Now, if only we could actually fit inside this baby watermelon, life would be perfect.


Future headquarters of “The Notebook” movie night. (Can Ryan Gosling show up for a Q&A?) Every Sunday, The Pond hosts free movie nights. Photo courtesy of Green Valley Ranch.

Green Valley Ranch

If you want to see the quieter, calmer side of town, head to The Pond at Green Valley Ranch. From the Strip, it’s about a 15-minute drive without traffic. Every Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m., you can listen to free acoustic live music. Additionally, there will also be free dive-in movie nights every Sunday night at 7 p.m. This Sunday (June 12), see “Jurassic World.” Other movies include “Daddy’s Home” (June 19); “Jaws” (July 3); “ET” (July 10); “50 First Dates” (July 17); “Deadpool” (July 24) and “The Notebook” (bring tissue! July 31).

What we love: During the summer months, you can do Silent Savasana – poolside yoga. You’ll all wear headphones so you can focus on your movements. Dates are as follows: June 12, July 10, Aug. 14 and Sept. 11.

South Point_Exterior_Pool_1

South Point is always on point. Hotel courtesy photo.

South Point

Got $5 to spare? Treat yo’self with a poolside boot camp class. Available Friday – Sunday at 7 a.m., the bootcamp class combines calisthenics and body weight exercises with cardio and strength training. Or, use that $5 on poolside yoga instead, available Friday – Sunday at 8 a.m. Here’s a challenge: Front $10 and do these classes back to back. It’s a solution to get that weekend workout of the way, right?

What we love: Whew, just reading about all that exercise made us thirsty. We’re all for toning our bods, but we love drinking too. Some of the pool’s signature cocktails include berry blast, cherry lemonade, piña colada, mojito, peach lemonade and more. If you’re in the tropical mood, you can sip on any of these drinks in a coconut head for $16.50.

These are just a handful that you can enjoy. Check out other Vegas pools, as well as poolside concerts, year-round pools and adventurous pool activities. We got you covered, baby.


Most folks take their Vegas jackpot winnings back home, but my dad decided to stay here instead. That’s how I left Seattle almost 20 years ago. I moved from greenery and rainy days to hot summers, palm trees and desert. As much as I love my hometown, I decided to stick around Vegas. This city just has so much to offer. You don’t even have to be a gambler, bar hopper or an all-night partier. I love Vegas for its awesome vegan-friendly spots, concerts, swanky hotel suites and spas so big, they’re like castles. The pool scene is not too shabby either, which is why I love taking stay-cations. Besides living it up -- Vegas style -- I’m hanging out with my handsome hubby, adorable baby girl, two cats and super-fluffy Shih-Tzu. I’m also a huge fan of '90s music, shows and movies. You can find me on Google+ and Twitter.