Suite dreams are made at the LVH – Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Under new leadership since January, the LVH – Las Vegas Hotel & Casino (formerly known as the Las Vegas Hilton and home to such luminaries as Elvis, Liberace and Barry Manilow, just to name a few) has retained all of its past glamour while making rooms once reserved exclusively for celebrities, high rollers and other VIPs accessible to the general public. Everyone is now welcome to stay or host an event in what the resort has designated as its Classic Suites Collection.

The living room in the Conrad Sky Villa at the LVH - Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

The living room in the Conrad Sky Villa is simply breathtaking.

These accommodations consist of 46 rooms that tend to combine the timeless architecture and European décor of the past with contemporary touches. In addition, they preserve the LVH’s prestigious history and grandeur while offering modern amenities.

“This is such a beautiful, classic property,” said Cami Christensen, the vice president of hotel operations, about the LVH. “Even though there are cool new places in town, this is still the heartbeat of Las Vegas.”

Do you want to sojourn in something very different on your next Sin City visit? LVH’s Classic Suites Collection boasts rooms that come in a variety of sizes and designs. Generally speaking, no two are alike – yet all are stunningly sophisticated. And because the LVH is located on Paradise Road, which is a block east of the famed Las Vegas Strip, the windows flaunt superb views of the glittering desert.

On the so-called “small” end of the spectrum is the 1,100-square-foot, two-bedroom Metropolitan Suite, which has an urban attitude with rich leather and wood furnishings as well as a wet bar, a dining area and an impressive entertainment center. If you’re a fan of French provincial style, the 1,200-square-foot Vienna and Windsor suites each come with one king bed and are lavishly appointed. Imagine a grand foyer, a domed ceiling with embellishments, gold-colored carpeting and fine draperies. Along with a huge closet and multiple TVs, there are two sparkling chandeliers – one in the bedroom and one in the oversized marble bathroom, which features a gigantic tub and spacious shower.

The Park Avenue Suite at the LVH - Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Guests feel like true New Yorkers in the Park Avenue Suite.

The Classic Suites Collection also includes nine uniquely themed rooms. The glamorous 2,600-square-foot, two-bedroom Hollywood Suite has black and white décor along with furnishings that reflect the glory of Southern California’s movie mecca. Plus, there’s a butler’s kitchen and a Jacuzzi just steps from a raised king-sized bed. The 2,200-square-foot Gold Coast Suite is filled with beautifully carved wood accents and decorated with artifacts reminiscent of Africa, while the 2,300-square-foot Bahama Suite resembles a sprawling seaside cabana and the 3,100-square-foot Santa Fe Suite creates a ranch setting with Southwestern art and leather fixtures. Or if you want to feel pampered beyond your wildest dreams, there’s the magnificent 3,100-square-foot, two-bedroom Country Club Suite. Along with a living room, entertainment area and sunroom, there’s a treadmill paired with other exercise and spa amenities – like a Jacuzzi – to make sure guests stay fit and relaxed.

Wine lovers will covet a night in the Napa Suite, and Mahattanites will adore the New York-styled Park Avenue Suite. Other themed rooms include the relaxing Desert Suite, which has a balcony overlooking the Las Vegas Country Club’s golf course, and the stately Regal Suite, which could very well have been transported from a castle in Europe.

Last (but far from least), there are three truly palatial suites known as the Sky Villas situated on the resort’s 30th floor.

The Verona Sky Villa at the LVH - Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

The bedrooms in the Verona Sky Villa make for a decadent night's sleep.

Opened in December of 1994, the Verona was the first Sky Villa to be built. It’s also the largest at 15,400 square feet. Opulence lies in every direction here – from the marble floors to the hand-painted murals of angels on the walls and ceilings. Chandeliers, tapestries and sculptures abound. There’s even a grand piano! Retaining an Old World Italian charm, the Verona is best known for its expansive living area and private outdoor pool and gardens. Long hallways with columns, flowing draperies and elegant carpeting separate the three bedrooms. This spectacular suite was once featured on “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”

The Tuscany is the second largest of the Sky Villas at 13,200 square feet. It debuted in January of 1995. The Tuscany’s biggest claim to fame is having been the space – before it was remodeled – that housed the King of Rock ’n’ Roll.

“Elvis’ bed was located in the part of the living room where you now see an ornate fireplace,” said Christensen, who also mentioned that several employees at the LVH have been with the resort since Presley’s day and gladly share stories with guests.

The Northern Italian-inspired Tuscany cultivates a garden-like setting. It has four bedrooms and features elaborate wall and ceiling murals combined with striking marble floors and stonework. There is a lush courtyard and pool as well.

The Tuscany Sky Villa at the LVH - Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

Submerge yourself in luxury with a dip in the pool at the Tuscany Sky Villa.

The smallest – yet most unique – of the Sky Villas is the 12,600-square-foot Conrad, which also was unveiled in January of 1995. It was decorated to suit the tastes of the wife of a high roller who regularly visited at the resort. There’s a peach and cream color palette that fosters a feeling of spring, as do custom murals depicting maidens, flutists and frolicking goats. The Conrad has a stunning circular staircase and an elevator. Spread out over two levels, it boasts a spacious upstairs terrace.

“This terrace showcases some of the most gorgeous views of the city that you will find,” said Katrina Nabong, the social media marketing manager at the LVH.

The Conrad has three sumptuous bedrooms with over-the-top bathrooms, which are larger than most standard hotel rooms. The formal dining room and living room both open onto a grand courtyard and pool. Barry Manilow was known to have occupied the Conrad when he performed at the resort from 2005 to 2009.

“These three villas cost approximately $50 million to make,” said Christensen, adding that all the gold accents in the suites are real. “They paid for themselves in six months. Something like this couldn’t be replicated today.”

But now, in this present time, you can – perhaps as a splurge or if you hit it big in the casino – enjoy a taste of the “suite” life. The ideal accommodations, LVH’s Classic Suites Collection is sure to be another temptation for visitors in pursuit of the perfect, one-of-a-kind Vegas experience!


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