Part III: Dear Abs, This One’s For You. Here are the best hotel gyms in Las Vegas

According to the former Governor of California and seven-time Mr. Olympia champion, Arnold Schwarzenegger, “it’s simple, if it jiggles, it’s fat.” Don’t think we forgot about you gym rats who love to spend some time pumping iron. So here are a few gyms where you can get the best workout.

Sometimes it’s all about aesthetic, so obvi you want to pick the gym that feels fancy and gives you the best shot at finding a sugar daddy. At Wynn, they have fresh fruit, locker rooms, hot tub, sauna, steam showers and everything luxurious you can think of. If you’re feeling unmotivated, ask for a nationally-certified personal trainer – they’ll easily yell at you and say (in an Arnold voice of course) “GET DOWN!”

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But, we totes understand that people don’t like the conventional lifting of weights and treadmill cardio thing that makes you pop a vein in your forehead. So, head over to The Palazzo and find an indoor rock climbing wall that looks like you’re ascending to heaven. And you just might depending on how much alcohol you consumed the night before.

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Speaking of alcohol, sometimes you just need to sweat it out. Everyone likes cardio…right? Bellagio’s gym is the king of cardio. With 20 treadmills and 6,000 square feet, it will feel like you’re running down an endless road. We’re sweating just thinking about this place, welcome to the sixth circle of hell…just kidding…maybe.

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Right next door is where you’ll find the place where Caesar got his raging pectorals. Based on all the movies we’ve seen, he’s pretty uuugge. Caesars Palace has one of the best weight training gyms plus a great fitness program that will kick anybody’s butt into shape on vacay. Grab a personal trainer, it’s time to get to work.

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Off the beaten path and into the woods – aka downtown – we have the Golden Nugget. This is the ONLY, we repeat ONLY, gym in a resort in the area. So if you really need to scratch that gym itch, you have to make your way into this hotel. Luckily, anyone can enter for a fee – even locals.

Here it is folks: the guide to staying on track with all your fitness progress while still having the best time of your life. You’re sure to look damn fine anywhere you go if you follow these simple steps. Vegas isn’t ready for you, but we sure are. Eye candy is always appreciated.

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