Make a suite escape to The Venetian in Las Vegas

Now we know what you’re thinking just from reading the title of this blog post, “How many times will the writer use the homonym ‘suite’ for ‘sweet’?” Answer: As many times as possible.

A view across The Venetian's luxurious Luxury Suite. Photo courtesy The Venetian.

A glimpse inside the Luxury Suite. Photo courtesy of The Venetian.

You see, we’re sweet on the remodeled suites at The Venetian, and we won’t try to hide it.

Unlike the fictional game show that Jack Donaghy created on the TV sitcom “30 Rock” called “Homonym,” where no matter which word the contestant selected, it was always “the other one,” there really is no wrong choice when you’re talking about The Venetian. The words “suite” and “sweet” are interchangeable…especially given the resort’s recent renovations.

So are you ready for a little suite talk? Last summer The Venetian embarked on a one-year project to give 3,000 of its suites a facelift. As part of a more contemporary design, they’ve been getting fresh paint, new wall coverings and new carpeting as well as new furniture and larger format TVs. Plus, the executive-style desks, which come with those neat all-in-one printer/scanner/copiers, are being fitted with new media hubs to provide connectivity for whatever tech gadgets you bring to Vegas. So far about 2,000 of the suites are finished, with full completion expected by summer 2015.

Ah, home suite home…that’s what we thought when we got a chance to spend a night in one of the resort’s standard revamped suites. And these accommodations, suitably named “Luxury Suites,” are anything but standard.

The bathroom in the Luxury Suite

The Luxury Suite’s spacious marble bathroom. Photo courtesy of The Venetian

Perhaps the “suitest” thing about them is they measure 650 square feet. That’s nearly twice as big as a typical hotel room. Not to dwell on size, but Guinness World Records once published a category for the “world’s largest standard guest room.” Can you guess which hotel earned this distinction? Although that category no longer exists, we still want to give props to The Venetian.

Generally speaking, the average hotel room is laid out like this: You enter a squat square space with one king or two queen beds. There’s a TV – either hanging on the wall above a dresser (if it’s a flat screen) or sitting atop the dresser (if it’s a bulky box). Across the room there’s a nook with a closet on one side and the door to a bathroom on the other. And that’s pretty much it. Not so suite, huh?

Without further ado, let us describe The Venetian’s Luxury Suite. This place feels more like an apartment than a hotel room. You actually enter through a marble foyer. (We may be old-fashioned, but who doesn’t love a foyer?) In it you’ll notice French doors – opposite an ornate, full-length mirror – that lead into an outrageously spacious (130 square feet, to be exact) bathroom. We could wax poetic about this lavish loo all day. Suffice to say, it’s also marble and has got two sinks, a woman’s vanity area, a Roman soaking tub (perfect if you’re like us and love to lie back in suds-filled bliss), a separate shower, a 17-inch flat-screen TV and a private toilet room with its own phone.

A view of Las Vegas from the Luxury Suite's dramatic window. Photo courtesy of The Venetian.

A view of the Las Vegas Strip from the Luxury Suite’s dramatic window. Photo courtesy of The Venetian.

Of course, life is just as suite beyond the foyer, which opens up into an elongated room. First, you’ll encounter a sumptuous bedchamber (we know that sounds archaic, but that’s how grand it feels). Beyond that – down two steps, which are illuminated at night – you’ll discover a sunken living room with the kitted out desk, a dining table and three chairs, an elegant sofa, a coffee table and two plush purple chairs that face a cathedral-like window. The shades and curtains can be opened or closed with the touch of a button. And there’s not one, but two large flat-screen TVs in here. (Including the television in the bathroom, you’ll never be more than 10 feet away from your favorite programs.) One last thing: This suite is so posh even the notepad and pen are presented on a special leather holder.

OK, by now you’ve probably read enough of our suite nothings. It would be remiss not to mention that many of The Venetian’s amenities will entice you to leave your suite (otherwise, you would never come out).

Inspired by the romantic city of Venice, this resort is packed with more dining, entertainment, shopping and nightlife options than you could ever fathom. Just last month a new restaurant opened. Yardbird Southern Table & Bar will touch your soul while filling your stomach with its classic Southern fare. Picture a heaping plate of fried chicken, waffles and watermelon. And over at The Palazzo, The Venetian’s sister property, you can relive the days when Frank Sinatra resided in the legendary Copa Room by seeing the new show “Frank – The Man. The Music.” Impressionist Bob Anderson truly embodies Ol’ Blue Eyes. But our favorite thing to do at The Venetian is to order a scoop of oh-so-creamy gelato in St. Mark’s Square, sit down by the Grand Canal and watch the gondolas (steered by singing gondoliers) cruise by.

Really, combining the renovated suites with everything else, is there any point in traveling all the way to Italy? The Venetian offers the best of the “boot” right here in Vegas.

We’ve only got two words left to say: Suite success. (And for those of you counting the number of homonyms in the text, that makes a lucky seven.)

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